Client First Approach

Focus on law firms: The Modern Firm was founded to serve attorneys and the legal community; nearly all of our clients are law firms. We are dedicated to and have a thorough understanding of law firm marketing, technology, and success.

Keeping it small: We only work with small law firms. We are passionate about helping small firms utilize the web to be nimble and go head-to-head with substantially larger firms. Our intent is to see our products and services make a real and immediate impact on a small firm's practice.

Excellent Copy Writing: Finding the time and having the skill to write compelling marketing copy for the website is one of the hardest parts about creating a website. The Modern Firm has experienced copywriters, with law degrees, who can take this work off our clients' shoulders.

Always Customized: The Modern Firm websites are always customized to the exact needs of the client. Our belief is that a law firm’s website should be an accurate reflection of the firm’s culture, image, philosophy, and message. That can only be done with a customized design.

Self Editing: Every website from The Modern Firm is built into an award-winning content management system. Owners of our websites can edit, delete, add to and manipulate nearly every aspect of the website with no need for additional help or charges from us.

Ownership: Believe it or not, when you buy a website from many providers you don't actually own everything necessary to make your website work. This is such a problem in our industry that we created a website rescue service. Websites from The Modern Firm come with full ownership and a license to use everything necessary to make the website work with a hosting company of your choice. We hope you choose us for hosting but, if you don't, that's not a problem. Our sites can be moved from host to host in as little as 15 minutes with no loss of functionality. We'll even help you move to, or launch on, another host.

Why Other Firms Have Chosen Us?

Mid-Western Work Ethic: We're not knocking those fancy states with their gorgeous beaches, spectacular mountains, and thriving cities, but it's often said that nothing beats the work ethic and value of a Mid-Westerner. Though we're now located all over the country, our staff are from those lovely landlocked, winter-prone, cheese producing and corn-growing states known as the American Mid-West.

Personal and Attentive Service: We take the time and make a concerted effort to get to know each of our clients. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Brendan to take clients out to lunch or a round of golf if he’s traveling or doing business in the area. For both development of a project and technical support with online services, you’ll always talk to a person right away.

Get to know our team:

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In the Legal Community: The Modern Firm has worked with local bar associations, CLE associations, State Bars, National CLE providers, and non-profit legal resource centers. Whether it’s providing services or speaking, we enjoy giving back to the client base that has helped us succeed.

Consultative Approach: There is no one-size-fits-all approach for website development or online marketing. We offer a number of services in-house including web design, writing, search optimization, and reputation management; but using us is not to the exclusion of working with other companies. You can count on us to always help you understand your options and put your money in the right place.

Professional Connections: We have relationships with dozens of professionals around the country that serve the needs of small law firms. From marketing experts to coaches and from time-management consultants to technology experts, if there is a need we can’t meet, we know an expert that can help.

You Get Cookies! Yes, you read that right, we send you cookies that you can really take a ‘byte’ out of. Making a great website for a law firm is a tough task and since fireworks don’t go off the instant your website launches, we figured cookies are a good way to have some fun and say "Thank You". Even if you don’t get a website from us, you can still get bread and cookies from our friends over at Great Harvest Bread Co.


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