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Diego Aguirre

Creative Director
Location:  Florida
Phone: (800) 741-8034

Diego was born and raised in Pereira, Colombia and arrived in Miami when he was 8 years old. He moved between Colombia, Miami, and NY for years as a kid and teen and has called Tampa Bay home for the last 7 years. Diego holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Design and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Design Communications. Prior to joining The Modern Firm, Diego worked as creative director at a Tampa Bay marketing agency for nearly 7 years. 


As Creative Director at The Modern Firm, Diego leads the charge in branding efforts, both for our clients and internally, and is in charge of crafting the User Experience for our clients’ website designs. Diego is an avid learner who strives to keep our creative work current and fresh, ensuring the best use of UI/UX design best practices. Diego’s happiest moment at the office is to hear a client’s delight at seeing their website come to life.


When he’s not geeking out over a User Experience, you might find Diego editing the latest episode for one of his podcasts, listening to his vinyl record collection, or on a road trip with his kids and girlfriend. Diego loves photography and film in various genres and audiobooks and podcasts are a constant throughout his day.

What You May Not Know


  • Was a graffiti artist as a teenager
  • Began his design career by making caricatures of his co-workers using Microsoft Paint
  • Served for years as an ordained minister
  • Co-hosts a podcast on geeky stuff with his 8-year-old son
  • Could eat Nicaraguan food everyday if they let him
  • Loves muscle cars
  • Has a vast collection of hard cover comics and graphic novels