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Blue Writing Icon: Attorney Blogging ServicesAny lawyer interested in marketing online has heard the phrase “Content is King.” For our purposes, “content” means text. And the more quality, unique, recent text a law firm publishes to its website, the better.

For a run-down of the benefits of regularly adding content to your website — from search engine optimization (SEO, i.e. better Google rankings) to improving client service and firm name recognition — take a look at our article Why Should My Law Firm's Website Have a Blog? But, as we acknowledge there: implementation is hard. Writing quality content that will be noticed by search engines and reinforce your good reputation with readers takes time and skill. For this reason, many law firms turn to hiring writers to meet their online content goals. It is remarkably cost-effective, with the writing, research and revision of a single article costing less than many attorneys bill in one hour.

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Are We Right for You?

Once you determine you need writing help for your law firm website, you will quickly discover that there are a lot of writing companies out there clamoring for your work and boasting of writers with law degrees. We've even heard of one promising articles for $50 or less each. Spoiler alert: we aren’t one of those companies.

The Modern Firm offers a very specific type of writing service. We are not a “content farm” offering prepackaged, brief articles written largely by underpaid, recent law school grads and designed primarily for search engines, rather than actual readers. Don’t get us wrong — maybe that’s exactly what you need. But that’s not us.

Instead, we specialize in the kind of high quality, original content that provides meaningful value to existing and potential clients. We also provide a service tailored to you, not a mere product. We are known for our collaborative, personal process, which ensures your articles are unique to your firm and say just what you want them to say. And yes, we’re also looking to dazzle Google for you — it so happens that, the length and originality of our work puts you in the best position to do just that.

Blog Service Tiers

We offer 3 tiers of blogging services, based on your budget and marketing goals. Our blogging clients generally have us write from 1 to 4 articles per month for them.


Average Blog Post Word Count

 Tier 1   

1,000 words — good for high-frequency posting, enough words to meet recommended SEO minimums

 Tier 2   

1,500 words — mid-range articles that up the density and breadth of  information on your website and raise SEO for long-tail searches

 Tier 3   

2,000 words — higher word count to encourage SEO factors including social sharing and “dwell time” (how long someone spends reading a page); room for more images and unique formatting to enhance visual interest

We’re also happy to talk about custom projects outside this scope, to meet your particular needs.

Our Experienced Attorney-Writers Love What They Do

Each of our awesome freelance attorney-writers has years of practice experience and genuinely loves writing for attorneys and small law firms! We're proud to brag that our writers' own work has been featured in blogs and online publications including Newsweek and And the content they have produced for clients includes, for example, work that has been cited by among the top blogs in the work's practice area.

Our Law Firm Writing Services Include

  • Suggesting topics based on the attorney’s practice and marketing goals
  • Writing on topics directed by the attorney
  • Providing timely drafts for the attorney’s review
  • Making revisions based on the attorney’s feedback
  • Including strategic links to key pages of the law firm’s website
  • Optimizing text, browser titles and meta data for keywords
  • Writing compelling “Calls to action” that welcome further engagement by the reader with the firm and its website
  • Selecting imagery / stock art for each article
  • Managing all aspects of the draft, review and posting calendar
  • Posting the articles to the attorney’s website (WordPress only)
  • Personal service and availability by email or phone: our selective, U.S. based team is here to get to know you and personally support your practice. That’s just how we roll.

Do your content needs call for something other than blogging? Check out our full range of writing services for attorneys.

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Need Better SEO for Your Blog Articles?

The Modern Firm’s writing team also offers proofreading, editorial review, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) suggestions for blog articles you write yourself. This is the perfect service for attorneys who love the idea of writing for their clients but don’t have the time for fine-tuning or becoming SEO experts, themselves. Quick note, our writing services play a big part in our more comprehensive law firm SEO services.

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We welcome you to take at a look at our writing samples. If you are interested in our law firm blogging services, we welcome you to contact us to talk about your needs and receive a proposal.

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