Camille Ray's Profile Image

Camille Ray

Online Marketing Manager
Location:  Colorado
Phone: 800-741-8034

Camille joined The Modern Firm’s marketing team as an Online Marketing Manager in 2023. A graduate of Colorado State University, she has a degree in Communications and Media Studies, and always planned to use her degree in a marketing capacity. Prior to joining TMF, Camille worked as a Search Engine Optimalization (SEO) specialist and account manager, and especially enjoyed the analytical aspects of the work. Having worked at and for larger companies, Camille appreciates the opportunity to get to know both clients and coworkers in a smaller firm setting.


As an Online Marketing Manager, Camille works closely with our clients to understand their marketing goals and develop a strategy to meet those goals. SEO and keyword research feature heavily in Camille’s work; she enjoys putting her experience into action for small law firms and solo attorneys, for whom her marketing skills can make a real difference. Coworkers and clients alike appreciate Camille’s collaborative approach and analytical thinking.

Outside the Office

Camille is a California native who moved to Colorado as a child, and her hobbies reflect both of her homes: she enjoys both snowboarding and relaxing on beaches that are off the beaten path. Camille is also an avid film photographer, Nintendo Switch player, and fan of puzzles and Lego.

What You May Not Know

  • Camille is of German and Thai descent, and like many Asians, she is allergic to alcohol.
  • Camille has trypophobia, a fear of clusters of tiny holes.
  • Please don’t bring her a cocktail with a bunch of little straws in it.
  • Camille currently has no pets, but is planning to adopt a puppy soon.
  • Camille still has, and enjoys playing, Nintendo Wii.
  • She has watched the crime drama “Dexter” multiple times; there’s no evidence that she picked up any tips, but maybe avoid making her angry, just in case.