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Brendan Chard

Location:  Michigan
Phone: 800-741-8034

An Ann Arbor, MI, native, Brendan graduated from The University of Michigan Business School with his degree focused on Marketing and Computer Information Systems. Prior to starting The Modern Firm, LLC, Brendan operated an on-site computer consulting business that serviced nearly 100 local law firms. He sold this business in 2004 to focus exclusively on building websites. Brendan’s experiences as a business owner and technology consultant enable him to bring a wide variety of ideas to the table when it comes to helping his clients succeed online.


Brendan primarily works with new clients to uncover their needs and get them on the right path with their online efforts. He oversees the goals, direction and progress of all website and online marketing projects.

Behind the scenes Brendan still gets nerdy. He administrates The Modern Firm's hosting environment and makes sure all of the office's technology keeps humming along.

One of Brendan's greatest strengths is his ability to translate complex things into plain English, which leads him to frequently speak at CLE events across the country. Passionate about helping everyone, he wants clients to become comfortable using and talking about technology. In fact, his favorite kind of client is one who may describe themselves as “technologically challenged” but is eager to learn.

In The Wild

If you run into Brendan in the wild, you're likely to find him thoroughly enjoying life with his wife Julie, trying to keep up with his son Andrew and step-son Lyle, golfing, mountain biking, doing CrossFit, downhill skiing, hiking or trying something that gets him outside.

What You May Not Know


  • Survived childhood cancer.
  • Is addicted to Christmas cookies.
  • Has never hit a hole-in-one, except in Putt-Putt.
  • Is known as "Mr. Fix-it".
  • Drinks coffee - but doesn't need the energy.
  • Started his first business at age 10.
  • Loves traffic circles (a.k.a. roundabouts).