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Dillon Caldwell

Website Developer
Location:  North Carolina
Phone: 800-741-8034

Dillon Caldwell joined our team as a web developer in 2023 bringing his design and coding knowledge to ensure our client's websites look up to date and function that way too. His job at The Modern Firm is to turn your approved designs into fully responsive websites. His favorite part of the job is overcoming challenging responsive layouts and website features, although sometimes stressful the satisfaction of solving them makes it worth it.

Dillon has a bachelor's degree in multimedia design and development. Started his career in design and transitioned himself into a developer role. When not working, Dillon enjoys showing off his skills on the pool table, playing the guitar, and spending time with his red-nosed pit bull terrier, Millie.


Dillon’s work includes ensuring that our client’s websites not only look up to date but that they function that way, too. Dillon works on both our client’s new website projects and marketing services.

You May Not Know

  • Dillon is an identical twin.
  • He is an avid pool player and self-described “pool hall junkie” who plays billiards multiple times per week.
  • Dillon is an experienced pizza chef.