Blue Writing Icon: Attorney Website Writing ServicesThe Modern Firm’s attorney writing services are of the highest caliber in the business — including work that has been cited by among the top blogs in the work's practice area. We’re quite different from “content farms” driven purely by marketing goals, which often re-use junky content that doesn't even get the law right. Instead, our content team — made up entirely of professional writers with law degrees and practice experience — was built from the ground up on key principles important for solo attorneys and small law firms:

  1. Meaningful, accurate content that helps potential clients make informed decisions about choosing an attorney
  2. Respectful, ethical writing that builds trust and bolsters the firm’s reputation
  3. Unique, personal text that portrays what distinguishes a small law firm or attorney from the competition

Let's put it this way: if you truly care how you come across in your website writing, we might be the writers for you!

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Why Not Write Your Website Content Yourself?

If you have a vision for your content, experience writing for your target audience, knowledge of (or willingness to learn about) writing for the web — and time — by all means, try writing your website copy yourself. The biggest complaints we hear from lawyers who tried their hand at writing, but then wished they’d had us do it from the start, are:

“This is hard!”

Yes, when it comes down to it, pulling off all the elements that a professional writer can — like really speaking to your audience’s interests, explaining legal concepts in layman’s terms, and putting your firm’s best qualities into impressive (yet not boastful!) language — isn’t easy.

“This is taking forever!”

And there’s the rub. Good writing takes time. Often a lot of time. And it’s all the harder if you’re coordinating multiple different authors or stakeholders within your firm.

The law firm falling behind on supplying content is the #1 cause of delay for our website projects. As you think about whether you have the time to write for your site, it might help to ask yourself a simple question: how many otherwise billable hours might you have to spend on writing all the pages of your website? Compare this to our flat per-page writing fee — which is less than many lawyers bill for a single hour of work — and you will likely have the answer to the question of whether you should write your website content yourself.

Writing Services We Offer

What — The Modern Firm’s writing team offers writing for every bit of your website, including:

  • Home page
  • Firm overview and history
  • “Why Choose Us” pages on what sets your firm apart from competitors
  • Attorney and staff biographies
  • Practice area pages outlining the services you offer
  • FAQs
  • Informative articles and blog posts

Everything we write is just for you, based on your firm’s strengths, personality, client base, and jurisdiction(s) of practice. And it’s all created by smart writers who love their jobs and can capture your work and accomplishments with fresh eyes.

Who — We offer writing services for our law firm website design clients, our online marketing clients, and clients with existing Modern Firm websites who are looking to update or expand their content.

How — We get to know you through an introductory interview, and follow up calls or emails as necessary after we’ve done some initial research about your work. We then draft original text for your website incorporating all the latest and greatest knowledge we have about readability on the web and common professional ethics rules. Then, you review each page and offer feedback or questions. We revise until we achieve text that both feels right to you and comports with what we know works.

About Our Attorney Writers

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Our super awesome writing team is made up of a small, meticulously selected group of freelance professional writers, whose own work can be found in blogs and online publications including Newsweek and Each has a law degree and practice experience. Each genuinely loves writing and supporting small firms and solos. 

Finally, every writing project is personally coordinated and overseen by our Writing Director — herself an accomplished writer and attorney.


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