Office Staff

Toby, Chief Nap Officer

Toby, Chief Nap Office

Taking leadership lessons from Brendan, his owner and TMF president, to the extreme, Toby delegates almost every typical dog job such as office security, recycling, and squirrel patrol to the other office staff. In between his numerous daily luxurious naps he lays with contemplative expressions, walks stubbornly while waiting for strangers to pay him affection and practices being an ottoman. After charging up for the day he has a burst of energy for about 15 minutes before settling down for the night.

Rollo, Director of the Humans

Returned to Planned Pethood several times before finding his forever home, this unique character took on the role of Director of the Humans when it became clear that they were doing an abominable job of managing themselves. He has one human in particular, Kristin, wrapped around his little paw. He spends his day ensuring she leaves her desk as often as possible to get in the recommended daily 10,000 steps — by procuring him treats and walking him around the neighborhood.

Reuben, Director of the Squeaky Toys

A volunteer from Planned Pethood spotted this young pup being sold for a couple of bucks outside a market in Indiana. Given his clear aptitude for accounting and management, she quickly took him (and his tiny abacus) back to Ohio, where he had a short stay in a foster home before being adopted ... er, hired by The Modern Firm. These days, Reuben is a regular K9 to 5’er keeping the sales team happy, entertained, and efficient. He works hard but plays harder!

Hiro, Graphic Design Support and GDPR Compliance

Of Japanese ancestry, Hiro lives in Washington and supports TMF’s Seattle graphic design hub. An avid hiker, in his off hours he enjoys the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, expressing a particular interest in its small, soft native inhabitants such as rabbits, squirrels, and socks. He also loves to play fetch and, thanks to his international background, is TMF’s primary GDPR compliance expert.

Jupiter, Head of Environmental Compliance


Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Jupiter found his calling in web design after moving to Ann Arbor with the help of Happy Days Dog & Cat Rescue. As Head of Environmental Compliance for The Modern Firm, he keeps our company green by shredding (and composting) all manner of cardboard, plastic, table scraps, and offensive socks. Jupiter also occasionally moonlights as a Deputy Security Officer at The Modern Firm's downtown Ann Arbor office. 

Moose, Scheduling Manager and Anti-Squirrel Defense Coordinator

The majority of Moose's day is spent keeping an eye out for squirrels and the occasional neighborhood turkey, alerting the team (rather loudly) if one comes on site. The rest of his time is spent as scheduling manager, where he keeps Michele on task. His tactics include laying his head on her keyboard if projects are taking too long, moving only for cuddles and loads of duck jerky. Off the clock, he enjoys losing tennis balls under the furniture, Frisbee catching, dock jumping, lake swimming and boat captaining.

Maxwell, Chief of Security


Although he weighs less than 20 pounds, it's best not to get on the bad side of this rescued Cockapoo from the Almost Home Animal Rescue League in Southfield, Michigan. Seriously. Maxwell looks like a living Teddy bear. But, as Chief of Security, he is vicious and will defend The Modern Firm's staff and intellectual property to the death. Unless his would-be adversary has dog treats of any kind. Then all bets are off.

Juno, Squirrel and UPS Driver Surveillance Unit


Juno joined The Modern Firm after escaping from a secret government detention center in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she was being held as a political prisoner (her cover story was that she was "abandoned" at an "animal shelter"). With a background in espionage, Juno heads up TMF's Squirrel and UPS Driver Surveillance Unit. When not apprehending suspects, Juno focuses on maintaining an appropriate creative environment for the company's writing staff: brief periods of peaceful silence punctuated with encouraging vocalizations in one of the many languages in which she is fluent, including Labrador, Terrier, and French. Inspired by her coworkers' writings, in her spare time Juno is working on her next project, a motivational volume with the working title: "WHO'S a Good Girl? YOU Are!"

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