Online marketing is a top concern for many attorneys. Sooner or later, most lawyers will dip their toes into digital marketing—and quickly discover it's a somewhat bewildering mosaic of acronyms, tools, keywords, and bids. It can be a full-time job just to bring yourself up to speed and figure out how all the pieces work, what's needed, who to hire, and how it all fits together. And even then, your marketing efforts will often fall flat if they aren't supported by a clear brand identity and well-designed website. 

Modern Firm has helped hundreds of clients dive into online marketing without fear. We have established a successful process that begins with the fundamentals of online search visibility and, depending on individual firm goals, expands into an all-encompassing online marketing strategy.

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Law Firm Marketing Begins with Designing a Quality Website

Beginning with a quality website is first and foremost. This is why our law firm marketing services are only available to clients who've worked with us through branding and website design projects. Good branding helps you understand your business in clear terms. Good web design expresses that understanding in a way that will resonate with your ideal clients. With those pieces in place, good marketing can make sure that your ideal clients are directed to your website and learn how you can help them. 

Online Marketing Connects the Right Clients to Your Law Firm

Modern marketing revolves around your website. In a world where people get almost all of their answers by searching online, you need to be sure search engines, like Google, see your website as an authority that provides clients with informative content and quality services.  

For law firms, there are basically three areas you can focus on to improve your visibility on search engines and generate quality leads for your business:

  1. Local Marketing and Reputation Management
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Paid Search and Social Advertising

Establishing Local Business Listings and Collecting Reviews are Marketing Fundamentals

Making sure search engines see that you’re an established local business means meeting the criteria they use to determine which businesses should be highlighted and "pinned" to the map on a results page. These criteria include the law firm's physical location, reputation, stability, and longevity. Most importantly, the firm has to be located in the city the person is looking in. In more populated areas, it's very hard to show up as a local business in a city where the firm does not have a physical presence. 

Aside from that, search engines are looking for signals that a law firm or attorney is popular and reputable. Client reviews and the frequent publication of the firm's contact information on other websites factor in here.

The Core of Online Marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, most commonly known as SEO, is the strategic art of getting your web page to rank higher among the results people see when they search for specific terms online. There are over 200 known ranking factors for Google, but ranking well largely boils down to doing the honest, hard work required to make your website a better resource for potential clients in need. 

For search engines to select a law firm for top rankings the website must build its authority by providing a positive user experience, regularly publish well-written and authoritative content, and getting more websites with good reputations to recommend the firm's website content by linking to it. SEO efforts—built over time, and based on good design, writing, and business practices—will become a steady source for new business. 

Paid Advertising Amplifies Lead Generation for Law Firms 

Paid advertising for attorneys includes search engine marketing and social media ads. Depending on the practice areas, goals, and urgency, paid advertising may be faster, easier, more flexible, and more predictable than SEO. This type of marketing allows law firms to target by search terms, location, audience attributes, and other factors you choose. 

Here's How We Help Firms Succeed

The best marketing plans often involve an integrated marketing approach that includes the use of all three areas of online marketing mentioned above. Marketing—like design—is greater than the sum of its parts. Each element reinforces the others, with a positive impact on how you are perceived by both search algorithms and real potential clients. 

We understand needs differ between practices, audiences, and locales, so the mix of tactics and strategies will be customized to your firm and will allow your plan to evolve naturally over time. 

Unlike other SEO and marketing companies with vague packages that require long-term commitments, everything we do is completely transparent and in partnership with our clients. As a result, you always know where your money is going and why. Our clients often note that they especially appreciate:

  • Collaboration—It's easy to schedule a call, get a quick answer, or talk through an idea with Modern Firm marketing managers.
  • Quarterly reports—Clear reports paired with an analysis from your marketing team that you can review on your schedule.
  • Metrics that matter—We measure the impact of your marketing in real metrics—like increased leads —instead of focusing exclusively on feel-good numbers (impressions, clicks, bounce-rates, time on site) that do not always correspond to more people hiring your firm.

Developing a Customized Law Firm Marketing Plan with Us 

This is an extremely exciting time for small law firms. Small businesses now have access to powerful design and marketing tools that were once only available to large firms with their own marketing teams and IT departments. 

Unfortunately, most marketing companies still scale their services to the needs (and budgets) of large law firms. At Modern Firm, we've always worked best with small firms and solo practices. We offer custom-tailored services—as much or little as you need—that meets you where you are to help you get where you want to be. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of small law firms craft an online presence that truly represents them, then take control of that web presence and put that message in front of the right people at the right time. 

Are you ready to create an online presence that truly reflects your firm and explore how marketing can help grow your practice? 

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