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Anthony Sabatino

Online Marketing Manager
Location:  New York
Phone: 800-741-8034

Anthony is an Online Marketing Manager (OMM) who joined The Modern Firm’s Marketing department in 2023. He brings with him a wealth of experience in various aspects of marketing, from having worked as an executive assistant in that area, to serving as a remote marketing manager for a California law firm, to launching a startup that helped businesses with their business, branding, and marketing strategy. In addition to all of his prior work experience, Anthony is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a bachelor’s degree in Business, Management and Marketing.

All of this is to say that Anthony is perfectly positioned for his role as an OMM at The Modern Firm. Anthony enjoys getting to know his clients and their goals, communicating with them, putting a marketing strategy into action, and watching as it achieves its desired effects.


As an Online Marketing Manager, Anthony evaluates his clients’ marketing needs and crafts a customized marketing strategy. With constant attention to SEO, Anthony is focused on continuous improvement on the search engine ranking of the law firms with which he works. He knows it’s not enough to achieve change for clients; Anthony takes pride in communicating effectively with attorneys, helping them understand not just that their marketing strategy is working, but showing them how.  

Outside the Office

Anthony is a native New Yorker who enjoys travel and playing golf.

What You May Not Know

  • Anthony has one brother.
  • His favorite place to travel is Italy.
  • Anthony loves sushi.
  • When he was a little kid, Anthony wanted to be an international businessman when he grew up.
  • He recently got to meet one of his favorite stand-up comedians, Brendan Schaub.