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Rebecca Fadel King, J.D.

Freelance Writer
Location:  North Carolina
Phone: (800) 741-8034

Rebecca is a former Michigan attorney who concentrated her Detroit-area solo practice in the areas of family law and Collaborative Divorce. She reluctantly left practice when her husband accepted a job in Georgia in 2011. When he accepted another position in North Carolina in 2012, Rebecca decided to stop taking bar exams and get back to her first love, writing.

In addition to a law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Rebecca has a Master of Social Work from SUNY-Buffalo and Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. In addition to extensive writing for law firms, Rebecca's c.v. includes blogging on topics other than law and publication of work in Newsweek. She and her husband have been married for seventeen years and live in Greensboro, NC with their two teenagers and an emotionally needy Black Lab mix named Juno.


Rebecca's duties as a lead freelance writer for The Modern Firm include preparing website content such as practice area descriptions and attorney profiles; blogging for clients; and reviewing and editing content drafted by clients. She also creates press releases and job postings for clients as needed. Rebecca's work for our clients includes a blog recognized as one of the top fifty law blogs in that practice area.

Rebecca has faith in the power of a well-crafted paragraph, and is suspicious of websites that use a lot of words to convey very little information. She believes that having poorly-written copy on one's website is the digital equivalent of showing up to a job interview with ketchup on one's tie and mismatched shoes.

Rebecca knows all fourteen punctuation marks in the English language, and she is not afraid to use them.

Away from the Desk

When not writing, Rebecca enjoys reading, playing euchre, travel, and cooking, especially various ethnic cuisines. She also loves to bake, and as you read this, there is an approximately 87% chance that Rebecca is thinking about making pie. An occasional insomniac, Rebecca soothes herself by proofreading political rants on Facebook. 

You May Not Know

  • Rebecca is a former client of The Modern Firm and wrote the content for her own website. 
  • Rebecca is a two-time Niagara County Spelling Bee Champion who narrowly missed out on going to the National Spelling Bee. The words she missed were "syllabication" and "epitome."
  • She is the youngest of three siblings, all born nine years apart.
  • She has ocular melanoma, which strikes six people in a million. Her cancer is under control but she is not above using her diagnosis to manipulate people into sharing their dessert with her.
  • Rebecca is a fierce proponent of the Oxford comma.
  • When she was a little girl, Rebecca's mother told her she should be a lawyer or a writer when she grew up.
  • Rebecca is the granddaughter of Lebanese immigrants who planned to settle in Utah after passing through Ellis Island. They got off the train in Niagara Falls when her grandfather fell ill. He recovered, but the family decided to stay there, and that's where Rebecca grew up and where her family still lives.
  • Her first job out of graduate school was as an emergency mental health outreach counselor in Buffalo, New York.

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