Branding is the distinctive messaging, design, and experience a business creates to differentiate itself from competitors. Developing law firm branding begins with exploring who you are as a firm, your guiding principles, and the experience you want your clients to have when working with you.

The Modern Firm has helped hundreds of clients discover and amplify their brand identity with effective written messaging and visual design, delivered through digital and print collateral. 

Branding is About Showcasing Your Story 

Great law firm branding gives you, as a business owner, the ability to guide your practice the way you want, creating a strong foundation on which to build your reputation online. It goes beyond just clearly expressing what your practice is about; it offers all of the less-tangible cues that validate your firm in the eyes of your prospective clients and professional networks.

When properly crafted, branding helps you uncover and clearly articulate your vision, mission, and purpose. With this newly-identified version of your story, attracting clients and remaining focused on the work that best suits your practice is much easier. 

Law Firm Branding is the Foundation for Website Design and Marketing

Building your branding platform is essential when diving into a website design project or plan for marketing services. Although our logo and print design services are available to any law firm, if you want to level up and create a website with us, we will take you through our brand discovery call. During this process, we will help you develop a voice and message that will inspire the design aesthetic for your website project and online marketing efforts. 

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Our Law Firm Branding Process 

Because branding is fundamental to your success, we include branding exercises with our design work. For your law firm, this may mean helping you reconstruct your existing logo to match your growing business. But if you are creating a new website, it may mean a deeper dive into who you are, how you envision your law firm, and how you want to make your prospective clients feel when they work with you.

  1. Logo Design

    Our logo design process thrives on collaboration between you and our creative team. We'll begin with a detailed questionnaire to uncover your inspirations and preferences in logo design. We'll present you with several distinct concepts and refine them throughout the process, based on your feedback. Our goal is to sculpt a timeless and effective logo that embodies what your brand and your firm are all about. This marks the start of your brand's visual identity, setting the tone for vital elements in your website design and marketing materials.

  2. Brand Identity

    Our collaborative process in discovering your brand identity will bring to the surface words, phrases, and concepts that we see forming consistent patterns throughout our conversations. Such deep patterns offer invaluable insights into what motivates your practice, how you approach that work, and why you’ve dedicated yourself to it. We’ll use this information to create a Brand Platform document that our creative and marketing teams will use to develop and promote your law firm website.

  3. Website Aesthetic

    Once we’ve explored your brand identity and delivered your branding platform, we will guide you through the process of creating a modern visual brand. During this call, we will dig into your preferences for aesthetic elements, such typography, color, imagery, web page formats, and more. This conversation guides our creative team when creating a custom website design that considers your preferences and vision for your law firm.

  4. Marketing Materials

    Our designers understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression on your clients through digital assets and tangible marketing materials. We offer a range of design services to help you launch and maintain a consistent, professional brand. Many of the law firm branding systems we create include: signage, business cards, brochures, social media imagery, and other digital or print marketing collateral.

Discovering Your Law Firm Identity with Us

This is an exciting time for small law firms. Small businesses now have access to powerful design and marketing tools that were once only available to large firms with their own marketing teams and IT departments. 

Unfortunately, most marketing companies still scale their services to the needs—and budgets—of those same big law firms. At Modern Firm, we've always worked best with small firms and solo practices. We offer custom-tailored service—as much or little as you need—that meets you where you are and helps you get to where you want to be.


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