At The Modern Firm, we know that a happy, collaborative team creates amazing results for everyone involved—our team members, our clients, and the projects we tackle together. The best collaboration doesn’t happen by accident: we are highly selective about who we work with. We hire top-notch team members, choose the best vendors, and most importantly, work only with clients for whom we are a good fit.

Here’s a glimpse into our values, and what each value means for you as a client:

  • Relationships First: We’d rather give honest advice that’s in your best interest than make a dollar at your expense. When you can trust us to help you succeed, we succeed, too.
  • Keep It Real: We believe in absolute transparency, communicating clearly and avoiding industry jargon. You’ll always know where your project stands and what services we’re providing for you.
  • Solve Problems: We’re not just creative in our approach to issues you face today; we’re also proactive, anticipating challenges and working collaboratively to find solutions.
  • Own It: Our team is highly skilled and takes ownership of your project’s success. Your goals become our goals. We value your feedback and strive for accountability at every step. If we make a mistake, we own that, too, so we can make it right and move forward.
  • Evolve: The web design and online marketing landscape is constantly changing. We embrace lifelong learning and innovation to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your business benefits from the latest advancements.

Like many attorneys, The Modern Firm isn’t just looking for more clients. We’re looking for the right clients—the ones who would most benefit from our values, skills and experience; the ones with whom we can best collaborate; and the ones with whom we can have an enjoyable, productive relationship. In other words, those who are a good fit.

Fit Defined

Here are some of the specific traits that make a law firm a good fit with The Modern Firm.

  • Ten attorneys or fewer
  • U.S.-based
  • One or two decision-makers
  • No jerks

Wait, Did You Say “No Jerks?”

We sure did. Some clients are not worth whatever money they bring in. As an attorney, you have probably had a few clients that fit that description, yourself. You may have felt demoralized when working with them, dreaded their calls, even started to dislike work you otherwise loved.

At The Modern Firm, we love our work and enjoy our clients, and we want to keep it that way. As a company, we’ve decided we won’t sacrifice long-term viability for short-term gain, so we implemented an official “no jerks” policy. 

We see ourselves as being on the same team with our clients. If a client is consistently rude or doesn’t trust us, we’re working against each other, not pulling in the same direction. It becomes challenging for us to uphold our core values. And if we can’t uphold our core values, we can't provide the high-quality service we're known for, and that’s a deal breaker for us. Respectful, trusting relationships are essential for us to be at our best and deliver the excellence our clients expect, and that we take pride in.

We’ve made mistakes in the past. We can’t say that we’ve always upheld our “No Jerks” policy perfectly. There have been instances where we were “on the fence” about whether a prospective client had red flags, yet we onboarded them anyway. Sometimes, even after addressing issues with active clients, we didn’t end the relationship when we should have. Every time we were on the fence, the client turned out to be more of a jerk than we initially thought, and it came back to haunt us later.

If it turns out we’re not a good fit in the middle of a project, we will have a candid conversation to address what’s not working. If the issues persist, we’ll end the professional relationship so everyone can find an arrangement that works better. 

What Our “No Jerks” Policy Means for You

We believe that our “no jerks” policy is as good for our clients as it is for us. First and foremost, it means that you’ll be working with nice people—we don’t hire jerks, either! Our policy also ensures a team that’s genuinely engaged and excited to get to work on your project.

One reason we’re giving a glimpse into our culture is because we believe by being upfront about what makes us us, we’ll be able to work with even more like-minded, cool people. Choosing The Modern Firm means partnering with a team dedicated to fostering positive, productive relationships and delivering exceptional results. If you share these values and fit our criteria, we’d love to work with you.