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We've helped dozens of law firms transition their websites from legacy providers, like FindLaw and Martindale-Hubbell, to lower their monthly costs and give them more control. We've also helped firms recover their website from developers that have fallen down on the job or disappeared all together.

If a law firm has a website they really like, but needs someone new in charge, minor design updates, or features like mobile compatibility and easy editing added, we can help.

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Most commonly, firms are looking to achieve the following goals:

  • Preserve the overall look, but make minor changes to modernize certain parts
  • Reduce monthly expenses
  • Add responsive design so that the website works with mobile devices
  • Maintain or improve current search rankings and SEO value
  • Add editing and blogging functions to give the firm control of the content
  • Take the marketing in a new direction

These projects are easy on the client because many of the big design and content decisions are already made, so their time commitment is greatly reduced. This does not mean, however, that these projects are less complex or less expensive than a new website, they just have different issues. When a law firm contacts us for a quote, we'll do a full analysis of the existing site to make suggestions.

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Things Law Firms Should Know About Rescuing Their Site

  • No buy-out needed - Companies, like FindLaw and Martindale-Hubble, often entice or require a firm to "buy-out" the design for hundreds of dollars. We don't usually need the files they provide and typically, enough of the site design and functionality changes during the rescue to make it unique.
  • Check domain ownership - The most important web asset to control is the firm's domain name (.com name) because the firm's email and website history is often tied to the same domain. Sometimes the old developer, a former employee, or departing partner may technically own the domain name! Use our handy ownership look-up tool to make sure everything is correct. We help rescue clients with ownership issues all the time. Domain Ownership Tool
  • Stealth Operators - If the situation calls for it, we can work entirely behind the scenes, like a stealthy website rescue team, to quietly take control of website operations.
  • Preserving Rankings - Sites that have high SEO value or lots of indexed content require special attention to ensure a smooth transition without loss of rankings or usability. We can ensure that all content, titles, structure, internal links, and meta-data is seamlessly moved. We can not, however, prevent a previous provider from sabotaging or un-doing some of the off-site SEO. For instance, if they created links to the firm website from other web assets they control they may remove or reassign those links to their other clients. We'll help you explore these risks.
  • A Better Web Experience - All websites we rescue are programmed into our outstanding WordPress framework and can include all of the framework features listed on our new website service page.

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