Law Firm Logo Design

Logos add a polish and consistency to a firm's website and marketing materials. Your logo will be used across your firm's physical and digital assets. Physical like your signage, business cards, or brochures. And digital like your website, email signature, and social media profiles. Think of your law firm logo as a consistent visual marker that identifies your firm to your clients. Consistency shows care and professionalism to your clients. Read more about whether or not your law firm needs a logo.

Please note, logo design is an optional service that is only available as part of a website project or for existing clients. We do not do logo design as a stand-alone project.

Example Law Firm Logos

Clients who opt to create a logo will work with one of The Modern Firm's logo designers to create a visual identity that exemplifies their firm. Here's a selection of recent client logos:

Logo for a solo criminal law lawyerLogo for a LA law firm

Logo for a securities law firm

Logo for a law firm that focuses on ERISA

Logo for an Estate Planning & Business Law Firm















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Client review by attorney Matt Troy
Matt Troy
Bolin & Troy, LLC
2 Attorney Oxford Ohio Law Firm
"The project was smooth and well-managed. Before becoming an attorney I worked in software, technical content development, and IT consulting – so I have an idea what is involved – and I have seen projects good and bad. I appreciate the process and how you explained the process going along. We are very satisfied. Read More "