When a law firm is looking for help with a new website, they're looking for a trusted partner to create a site that validates their practice, explains their services, and in many cases, boosts their online visibility to attract new clients.

The Modern Firm has worked with over 1500 small law firm website design clients. Most of our clients choose us because of the relationship we establish during our initial consultation. However, it’s our integrated approach to law firm branding, website design, and online marketing that is the key to helping clients establish an online presence to reach their business goals.



When we build your website, we will work with you to identify your brand, ideal client, and establish overall goals for what you would like this new site to achieve. From there, we develop a content plan and create a website design that aligns with the voice and personality of your law firm. This process was created from our philosophy that branding, design, and marketing can work independently but properly coordinated, they are even more powerful.

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Tell Your Story Through Effective Web Design and Content

At the heart of our website design process  is a commitment to delivering websites that look stunning, function seamlessly, and reflect the essence of your law firm brand. Our goal is to make this as painless as possible for you. None of our clients have to become de facto designers or learn complicated lingo to develop a website with us! We keep things straightforward and practical.

Our proven process allows us to size our services to your needs—helping you upgrade your existing law firm website or build a new website for your solo or small firm and entire online identity from scratch. This guided process is tailored to your firm and business goals. Collaboratively with our designers, developers, and attorney-writers, we will create a website that's right for you and your practice.

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Your Law Firm Website Powered by WordPress

Most importantly, when you work with The Modern Firm, you will own your online presence. All of our websites are built using the award-winning WordPress software. This robust, cost-effective, standards-based platform is the most popular content management system in the world. Unlike other platforms, all editing functionality is baked into the website without additional licensing costs. 

Because we only make websites for law firms, we've taken WordPress to the next level by completely customizing the editing interface to focus on the features and options law firms need. We include interactive training sessions with every website project, to be sure that once your site launches, you'll be able to maintain it. Although we provide on-going support and hosting for our clients, you’re not locked into working with us. If you want to move to a different vendor later, it’s easy to do so. 

Create Your Law Firm Website with The Modern Firm

This is an exciting time for small law firms. Small businesses now have access to powerful design and marketing tools that were once only available to large firms with their own marketing teams and IT departments. Unfortunately, most marketing companies still scale their costs and services for large law firm needs. 

We've always worked best with small firms and solo practices (1500+ to date!). We've helped hundreds of small firms transition their websites from legacy providers, like FindLaw and Martindale-Hubbell, to lower cost providers that give them more control over their online presence.

Whether your site is just for validation or part of a complex marketing strategy, we offer custom-tailored solutions—as much or little as you need—that meets you where you are to help you get where you want to be. If you are ready to build your website and create an online presence that truly reflects your firm, contact us today.