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Law firm SEO (search engine optimization) can be one of the most productive and cost effective ways to promote a firm online. Done correctly, and under the right circumstances, SEO can sustainably and affordably drive high quality, targeted visitors to a law firm website that are ready to hire a lawyer.

I am pleased with the results thus far. I bet I have signed 5 new clients since starting the program with total revenue over $50k.
- Solo Bankruptcy and Probate Litigation Attorney after $4k in SEO investment

Frustratingly, SEO is one area of law firm marketing that is often fraught with confusion, funky lingo, mystery, ever changing rules and worst of all, unethical providers that take advantage of these murky waters by acting like they're performing some magical internet sorcery.

It’s Not Magic… Just Good Hard Work

At The Modern Firm, we believe that successful search engine optimization campaigns are driven by good hard work that better educates and prepares potential law firm clients, not dopey tricks and shady techniques.

While there are literally hundreds of ranking factors for a website we can mostly distill them down to three major factors and one driving idea.

#1 High Quality Content That Expands and Deepens Reach

Law Firm SEO Content WritingThe actual words on a law firm's website really matter. A website needs to effectively describe what the law firm does and be an ever growing wealth of information on the areas of law for which the firm practices. A growing body of content shows search engines that the website is an actively maintained resource and will align it with an expanding set of search queries and keywords.

Producing content on a regular basis can be a daunting task for a busy practitioner. We have assembled a team of attorney copywriters and offer a comprehensive writing service for law firm websites and blogs to reliably create interesting and high quality content on behalf of our clients. See our writing samples.

#2 Links From Other Websites Increase Authority

Lawyer SEO Link BuildingWhen a website links another website as a reference, or to share material, this is treated as a vote of confidence by search engines for the website receiving the link. When a website has more incoming links, it's generally viewed as more authoritative on the topics it covers and rankings increase.

In an ideal world, links to law firm websites would be created by other website owners, bloggers and social media users out of their sheer enthusiasm to spread the word about a law firm's fantastic services. But, sadly, that's not often what happens for law firms. Lawyers and legal services just don't have the viral instagram-blogo-facebook-likeness of cupcake shops and exotic vacation spots.

To help law firm's build links, we work with 3rd party websites and blog owners to publish educational materials and articles that include a reference back to the law firm's website. This helps the law firm by creating a contextually relevant and authority boosting link.

#3 Ideal Webpage Setup and Structure Help Grease The Wheels

SEO Webpage SetupThough search engines are now outrageously good at understanding natural language, there are still some technical steps that can be taken with website setup to improve the way search engines process the information being presented. Factors that are a part of each page on a website, such as title tags, headings, page layout, image text tags and links to other pages within the website can be structured in a way that tell search engines what that particular page is about and what's most important to pay attention to.

Individual page factors are researched and set when an optimization campaign begins. Then, as search rankings are established and more data becomes available, these factors are checked and tweaked.

Big Idea: Happy Users = Better Rankings = More Clients

While search engine rankings may seem confusing at best - and unfair at its worst - the search engines have one goal in mind - to satisfy the searcher's needs. It must never be forgotten that a person is a search engine user first, potential law firm client second. Search engines make no money from organic rankings, from their perspective they want to build trust in their brand so that users come back search after search, and eventually start reading and clicking advertisements. Every decision about the website should be made with this in mind.

What this means is that if search engines like Google think that their users are having a good, high quality and educational experience when they visit your website from search results then your rankings are going to improve because it makes the search engine look better.

Hard Work Pays Off

When we help law firm's improve their site with a sustained effort of publishing great content and building website authority we typically see website traffic, phone calls and new client inquiries increase dramatically. Most importantly, with this type of marketing, our law firm clients are signing up more of the clients they want and we are typically delivering a 10-30+ fold return on their investment.

Below are traffic graphs from two sample clients that are engaged on making their websites better by regularly publishing content (that we write for them), increasing authority by spreading good content and staying on top of the user experience through solid website setup.

Law Firm SEO Results

113% increase in new visitors for small estate planning law firm  (740/week to 1563/week)

Rural Small Law Firm SEO Results

257% Increase in new visitors for rural and small town general practice (223/week to 821/week)

Let's Create an SEO Plan For Your Law Firm

Our law firm SEO marketing plans are surprisingly straightforward. After learning about your goals, researching your market and exploring whether we're the right fit for your needs we'll create a plan that contains a combination of our core services - local marketing, article writing, link building and on-page website work - into a monthly plan.

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