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Paige Silver

Online Marketing Manager and Team Lead
Location:  Pennsylvania
Phone: 800-741-8034

Paige joined The Modern Firm in 2022 after over five years working in digital marketing for law firms at one of Delaware’s largest firms. Having worked with and for lawyers, Paige has a keen sense of their marketing needs and concerns. She is organized, a master of time management, and enjoys continuing to learn and develop professionally. Her favorite part of her work at TMF is having the ability to engage with clients and help them gain attention and leads for their practices.


As an Online Marketing Manager, Paige works closely with clients, overseeing their blogs and marketing content. She develops strategic online marketing plans based on each client’s unique needs, implements those plans, and keeps clients apprised of their effectiveness. Paige also optimizes clients’ existing content and consults with TMF’s writers on SEO for new content.


When she’s not helping TMF’s clients to shine, Paige enjoys spending time with her cats, Ries and Mo, her step-dog Rose, and her boyfriend. She’s settled in the heart of Philadelphia, but takes scuba-diving trips with her brother every chance she gets. Paige loves cooking, especially big pasta dinners for friends, and is into all things creative, including painting, embroidery, and sculpting.

What You Might Not Know

  • Paige was attacked by an ostrich at the Great Adventure Safari as a child. She did not consider it a great adventure and has been a little suspicious of all birds ever since.
  • She is an adrenaline junkie; in addition to being a certified scuba diver, she’s been skydiving and cave diving.
  • Paige enjoys creatively rehabbing furniture to flip, but so far she’s kept every piece she’s done.
  • Paddleboard yoga is the only kind of yoga that doesn’t bore her.