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Bryan Glanz

Location:  Iowa
Phone: (800) 741-8034

Bryan joined The Modern Firm in 2015, bringing ten years of programming and marketing experience. He enjoys working with new tools and improving backend technologies. An Iowa native, Bryan spent a few years working in Minnesota before returning to Iowa, where he currently resides.

Before joining The Modern Firm, Bryan lent his skills to several Fortune 500 companies. His affinity for design and fascination with learning new coding languages ensures that each site is always on the cutting edge.


Bryan’s main role at The Modern Firm is to work on the coding of our clients’ websites. He also works on maintaining and developing the new features that make each site completely custom.

Some other items he tends to work on utilize the following:

  • Marketing Automation Tools/Systems
  • HTML Email Campaigns Email Marketing
  • Backend Programming
  • Design Centric
  • Emmet / Markdown

Outside of Work

When Bryan isn’t logged in and making websites, you’d likely find him playing with his four year old son Gavin and spending time with his wife, Emily. He also loves working in his workshop and tinkering with DIY.

What You May Not Know

  • Almost always has headphones in, listening to podcasts or almost any genre of music.
  • When he was in the second grade, once woke up from a dream fully convinced that he was George Washington.
  • Has not outgrown watching WWE wrestling.
  • Loves Lemonheads (the candy, not the band).
  • Prefers a documentary to any other type of movie.

What Our Clients Say

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Medford, Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney
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