Bryan Glanz's Profile Image

Bryan Glanz

Director of Technology
Location:  Iowa
Phone: (800) 741-8034

He joined The Modern Firm in 2013. Now with over 20 years of programming and marketing experience.

Before joining The Modern Firm, He lent his skills to several Fortune 500 companies. His affinity for design and fascination with learning new coding languages ensures that each site is always on the cutting edge.


Working on our clients' websites and ensuring that they look great and adhere to tough standards — He does it all from managing the technical framework to helping manage how things happen on the sites for SEO, Marketing, and more.

What You May Not Know

  • Almost always has headphones in — listening to podcasts or a new audiobook.
  • Loves Lemonheads.
  • Prefers a documentary to any other type of movie.