Designing a website involves managing multiple details, such as color schemes, content, and marketing strategy—it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with all these elements alone. Whether a law firm website is for validation, or part of a complex client generation strategy, we have over 20 years of experience helping our clients make a great impression and connect with their potential clients. 

Custom Websites Without Reinventing The Wheel

Law Firm Website Design

Our approach to website design is a hybrid method combining the strengths of custom concepts with blueprints that utilize well-thought-out design principles. Our goal is to deliver a website that is unique and personalized and ensures an efficient and stress-free process for you.

When you decide to work with us, we conduct in-depth intake interviews to thoroughly understand your marketing strategy, messaging, features, content, and design preferences. ​From there, we create a custom home page and use pre-designed blueprints integrated with your branding elements for the rest of the website's interior pages. The goal is always to design the website so it is an authentic representation of your brand. Quite a bit of flexibility is built into our design process to accomplish this. 

Framework Built for Lawyers

Successful websites combine design, content, imagery, functionality, coding, visibility and device compatibility. Individual goals vary, but each of these components is vital and complicated. Just like there's no such thing as a "simple contract," there's no such thing as a "simple website."

Savvy law firms pour years of collective experience into document templates like estate plans, leases and employment agreements. This gives their clients better value and accumulated wisdom. Similarly, we have created a WordPress framework built for lawyers because certain behind-the-scenes parts of our websites are all the same. Most developers won't tell you this because they enjoy making money on the easy stuff.

Our process and framework enable us to focus our expertise on the hard stuff, the unique and challenging parts of a project that matter the most, like design, content and visibility. We make everything else as efficient, accurate and cost-effective as possible using our framework and project management systems.


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Unique To Every Website

  • In-depth intake interview - We explore the firm's services, history, clientele, branding, messaging, marketing goals, content and design in a deep-dive, surprisingly fun meeting (usually over Zoom so we can see each other).
  • Customized design and layout - Every visual detail is fit to the law firm and their branding elements.
  • Professional copywriting - Our attorney copywriters can expertly craft the key pages for any law firm website.
  • Logo design (optional) - Establish a consistent and professional look across all firm collateral with our logo design services.
  • Unique attorney, staff and practice area layouts - Layouts designed with user experience on desktop and mobile in mind
  • Interactive design reviews - We'll collaborate directly by phone, Zoom, email and text to ensure accurate feedback and communication.
  • Incorporation of existing content - We will edit and advise on any existing content supplied by the client.
  • Google Business Profile setup - This displays a law firm's name, address and phone number in Google Search results and Google maps.
  • Training on website usage - Upon launch we will perform an interactive training session with the firm.
  • Training on reading analytics reports - After a month of data is collected, we'll train the firm on how to access, read and interpret website visitor data.


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Features Made More Efficient By Our Framework and Processes

  • Responsive coding for mobile devices - Our mobile responsive websites work on every reasonably modern smartphone, tablet and computer, all 40,000+ screen size, operating system and browser combinations.
  • WordPress CMS for easy editing - We build our sites on top of the WordPress platform to make editing, publishing and ownership easier for our clients.
  • Contact forms - Quickly collect potential client info and receive an email or text message alert.
  • Client ownership - Our clients have full ownership and license to the website, it is fully portable.
  • Unlimited pages - No page limits, sites can grow infinitely.
  • Blog and Firm News - Adding to the website is as simple as composing an email.
  • Attorney and Staff directories - For larger firms, we can organize listings of attorneys and staff by name, practice area, job title location and more.
  • Testimonials management - Our sophisticated system can link testimonials with attorneys and practice areas to dynamically make those pages more impactful.
  • FAQ Database - Share knowledge with clients and cross-link with practice areas to make the website more helpful
  • Glossary - Educate clients on important terms and phrases
  • Event calendar and RSVPs - Promote seminars or easily showcase past and future engagements
  • Video streaming and management - Display videos within pages, compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Slide Shows - Dynamically rotate through photos and text
  • vCards - With one click, contact information will be downloaded into the user's address book.
  • Print stylesheet - When a site is printed, it will automatically reformat to cleanly print on paper.
  • Mobile device icons - If a site is bookmarked on a mobile device these special icons add extra polish.
  • Bookmark icon - Adds the firm logo or unique graphic to the address bar and web browser bookmark folders.
  • Social media integration - Connect the firm's social media feeds and easily let your visitors share a page using their own services.
  • Interactive Google maps - Live google map and driving direction links from Google, Yahoo and Mapquest.
  • Google Analytics - Track website visitors with this free and powerful tool from Google.

Other Things We Can Do

If you can imagine it, we can probably do it, though we tend to shy away from heavy eCommerce and App/Product development. Here are some common requests and ideas we've handled.


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