With The Modern Firm, the hosting and day-to-day maintenance of your website is on auto-pilot. There are some very important ongoing tasks required for the proper maintenance of a website. The following items are included with our monthly website hosting and upkeep service.

Software Updates - Just like a computer and mobile phone have security and feature updates, so does the software that runs a website. WordPress releases 3-4 major updates and 8-12 security patches per year. Not only do these need to be installed quickly, but sometimes these updates break existing functionality on a website. When we're hosting a site we rapidly test and install these updates. Totally worry-free.

Continual Improvement - Behind the scenes, we are always working on improving the coding framework that we use in conjunction with WordPress. If standards change, such as the process for delivering vCards, linking to social media sites, or hiding email addresses from spammers, we test and install these updates automatically. The outward appearance of a site always stays the same (unless the client requests something), but under the hood, the engine is always getting better.

Free Content and Website Updates - We provide training so a firm can update the website on their own. However, clients can always email us at support@themodernfirm.com with requests, no matter how big or small. Tommy is our lead help desk guru, and he typically turns around requests within a business day. Clients that host with us get the first 60 minutes of any request for free.

Nightly Backup For RPC Compliance - Backups are important. Not only can they help recover from user mistakes, but they are required under the Rules of Professional conduct regarding attorney advertising in each state. States vary in their retention requirement, but to err on the side of caution, we make daily backups and keep them for 5 years.

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