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Too Much Non-Billable Work – Hand with Help Sign

How Can I Stop Doing So Much Non-Billable Work?

Too Much Non-Billable Work – Hand with Help Sign If you’ve ever taken an economics class, one of the first things that you learned was the concept of “opportunity cost”: a dollar you spend on one thing is a dollar you don’t have available for something else. The same is... Read More
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Brendan Chard

Money and Time Saving Tech Tips and Business Practices for Family Law Attorneys

Brendan Chard Modern Firm president Brendan Chard has been invited to speak at the Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s 16th annual Family Law Institute.... Read More
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What's Your Voice Mail Bounce Rate?

A thought just came to me as I was leaving a voice message for a law firm.  The greeting on their voice mail stunk, it made me want to hang up.  The attorney stuttered, sounded dis-jointed and not very awake.  This got me thinking.  On the web... Read More
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Creating a Satisfying “Second Act” in Your Legal Career

Attorneys are widely perceived as successful in life and many would affirm their satisfaction with their careers. But lawyers who can claim they “couldn’t be happier” are rare, and far more common are those who don’t take time to consider... Read More
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Using Credit Cards for Retainers and Trust Accounts

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding our Law Firm Merchant Account service pertains to the rules surrounding trust accounts. The rules and requirements vary state by state, so you should check with your local bar to determine which of... Read More
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Cyber-Liability – What’s my exposure? Will my insurance respond?

Law firms of every size and discipline face growing exposures with respect to breaches in their computer security and information systems, with increasingly sophisticated attacks occurring more frequently. Due to rapidly changing policy coverages... Read More
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Managing Information Overload: What to do When the Information Age Has You Overwhelmed

Several weeks ago a friend, the executive director of an organization, confessed that his office is a disaster. Professional journals pile up, phone messages are unanswered. Projects remain half completed. The in-box has become a storage box. Every... Read More
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Law Firm Marketing: Success is in the Details

There is a common misconception in a large segment of the legal profession that marketing equates to advertising and spending a lot of money. That couldn’t be more wrong. Marketing in law firms is all about sweating the details. The details cost... Read More
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