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Overworked Lawyer

What Online Marketing Activity is the Best Use of an Attorney's Time?

Overworked Lawyer Time is short. In this post we explore and make the case that the best thing an attorney can do to boost their online marketing efforts is to bolster their reputation online.... Read More
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Attorney Testimonial Graphic

Client Testimonials on Attorney Websites: How to Solicit Testimonials or Reviews

Attorney Testimonial Graphic In our recent series of posts on using client testimonials on your law firm’s website, we’ve established that testimonials are an effective client outreach and retention tool and that state rules of professional conduct... Read More
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Testimonial – Guy with Megaphone and Foam Finger

Client Testimonials on Attorney Websites: Are They Ethical?

Testimonial – Guy with Megaphone and Foam Finger Ethics and attorney advertising: sticky, significantly different from one jurisdiction to another, and ever-evolving. And the ethics of promoting client reviews or testimonials gets special attention from many bars. Since displaying testimonials... Read More
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Client Review Graphic

Client Testimonials on Attorney Websites: Are They Effective?

Client Review Graphic Client testimonial or review pages are among the most clicked-on sections of our law firm websites. We have a few theories about why — and several things for attorneys to think about if you are considering featuring testimonials on your law... Read More
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Client review by attorney Jason Poblete
Jason Poblete
Poblete Tamargo LLP
5 Attorney Public Policy Firm in Washington, D.C.
"We wanted a no-nonsense, transparent, and patient Internet development firm when we started our business. They fit the bill, understand the business of law, and are a pleasure to work with. Read More "