ChatGPT at the Law Office: Safely Harnessing the Power of AI for Lawyering

Despite its pitfalls, ChatGPT offers many ways to help lawyers be more productive in their professional practices. Learn of at least three ways you can begin using this tool now in your law office....
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ChatGPT at the Law Office: The Pitfalls of using AIs for Lawyering

ChatGPT offers many promising opportunities to make lawyers more productive in their work. But, it's important to learn how these AI systems work and "think" and know the potential pitfalls before putting too much faith in this tool....
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Choosing Your Law Firm Name

Should My Law Firm Have My Name or a Brand Name?

Choosing Your Law Firm Name Getting to name things is satisfying. Unfortunately, we don’t get to do it that often. A few pets, maybe a couple of kids. Read on for important things to consider when naming your law firm....
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Copyright Money

When is a Picture Worth $1000, or More?

Copyright Money We all know the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but did you know using a picture the wrong way could also be an expensive mistake, or worse? One of our clients, unfortunately, found this out the hard way when they unknowingly...
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Bankruptcy Disclaimer image – arrow with dollar sign

Bankruptcy Attorneys: Whether and Where to Put the Federal Bankruptcy Disclaimer on Your Website

Bankruptcy Disclaimer image – arrow with dollar sign Most bankruptcy attorneys and marketers for lawyers know the magic phrase: "We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code." But some haven't even heard of it. And many don't know this phrase's implications…...
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Can Using Avvo Violate Your Bar's Ethics Rules?

avvo_logo-Color_Blue Attorneys who market their services online can feel like they’re facing a field of landmines when it comes to complying with their Rules of Professional Conduct. On one end of the spectrum, older rules fail to address online advertising or...
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ABA Model Rule Book

Will the Proposed Changes to the ABA Model Rules on Attorney Advertising Affect Your Practice?

ABA Model Rule Book Just when you thought you understood what you could and couldn't do in attorney advertising, the American Bar Association announced proposed changes to its model rules. Could your website suddenly become a violation of your state's rules of...
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Testimonial – Guy with Megaphone and Foam Finger

Client Testimonials on Attorney Websites: Are They Ethical?

Testimonial – Guy with Megaphone and Foam Finger Ethics and attorney advertising: sticky, significantly different from one jurisdiction to another, and ever-evolving. And the ethics of promoting client reviews or testimonials gets special attention from many bars. Since displaying testimonials...
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Super Lawyer with Cape

How to Display Your Super Lawyers Listing on Your Website

Super Lawyer with Cape Super! You were listed with Super Lawyers! Now you may be asking: “How can I get one of those nifty Super Lawyers badges?” “Do I have to pay for it?” “Do my bar’s rules of professional conduct restrict how I...
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Using Credit Cards for Retainers and Trust Accounts

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding our Law Firm Merchant Account service pertains to the rules surrounding trust accounts. The rules and requirements vary state by state, so you should check with your local bar to determine which of...
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