2023 Guide to Writing The Best Attorney Website Profile

The data is clear: the attorney biographies on a law firm's website are the most clicked on pages of the site. Learn how to write the best attorney bio for your website!...
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When Should You Refresh Your Website Design?

Go take a look at your law firm website right now and click around. Does it feel like the most updated version of you and your practice? If not, you may want to read about the top 5 indicators we've outlined to decide if it is time for a redesign....
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The Importance of Branding and Brand Consistency for Lawyers

Your brand is built on four key elements that carry a potential client through that first experience of encountering your firm and bring them into a working relationship with you. These are visual, messaging, navigational and human interaction....
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Contact Us

Should Lawyers have a Contact Form on Their Website?

Contact Us The average attorney — even the most introverted — is fundamentally a “people person.” You went into the practice of law because you enjoy helping people navigate the legal system. The tendency to want to connect with people...
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Does Your Law Firm Need a Logo?

logo_iowa_personal_injury A logo is an image that visually represents your law firm. In a basic form, a law firm logo might just be the firm name itself. Logos can get more complicated from there, including other designed visual elements or taglines. Think of your law firm...
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Can a Law Firm Website Fuel Retirement?

Retirement Lawyers often overlook the valuable business assets they build while in practice. These assets, like the firm's website, can increase the value of the firm and influence its salability when it comes time to retire....
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2018 loading

Is My Website Ready For 2018?

2018 loading Answer these 6 straightforward questions to be sure your law firm website won't let you down in the new year. For most practices, sorry, you can't just set it and forget it....
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Man Clicking Online Form

What Options Do I Have for Offering Client Forms on My Website?

Man Clicking Online Form It doesn’t matter what kind of law you practice: you’re going to need information from your clients while working on their matters. Likely, there will be similar information you’re going to collect from every client: maybe their...
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Cursor pointing to http://www.

How Do I Choose a Domain Name for My Law Firm's Website?

Cursor pointing to http://www. Choosing a domain name is something that you'll ideally do just once. Read on to learn important things to consider when picking a name such as ease of use, marketing potential and sellable value....
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Old Computer

Does My Law Firm Need a New Website?

Old Computer Remember the time you had a big hole in the sleeve of your jacket, mismatched shoes, and ink stains on your shirt or blouse when you met with a client? Of course you don’t. That didn’t happen. You know how an unkempt appearance would adversely...
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