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Is Your Attorney Bio Costing Your Firm Clients?

The data is clear: the attorney biographies on a law firm's website are the most clicked on pages of the site. Is your bio costing you clients? Learn how to write your best attorney website bio!... Read More
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Is My Website Ready For 2018?

Answer these 6 straightforward questions to be sure your law firm website won't let you down in the new year. For most practices, sorry, you can't just set it and forget it.... Read More
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What Options Do I Have for Offering Client Forms on My Website?

It doesn’t matter what kind of law you practice: you’re going to need information from your clients while working on their matters. Likely, there will be similar information you’re going to collect from every client: maybe their... Read More
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Does Your Website Need a Privacy Policy?

Is a law firm website required to have an explicit privacy policy? At the moment, in most jurisdictions generally the answer is no. But, are there reasons a law firm probably should have a privacy policy? Heck yes!... Read More
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How Do I Choose a Domain Name for My Law Firm's Website?

Picking the name of your law firm might have been an easy process for you. Chances are that, while there are attorneys out there in the world who share a last name with you, they are unlikely to be in the same city or state as you. For the purposes... Read More
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Does My Law Firm Need a New Website?

Remember the time you had a big hole in the sleeve of your jacket, mismatched shoes, and ink stains on your shirt or blouse when you met with a client? Of course you don’t. That didn’t happen. You know how an unkempt appearance would adversely... Read More
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Speaking at Michigan Solo Small Firm Event

I had a blast speaking last Friday at the combined Michigan ICLE‘s Solo Small Firm and State Bar of Michigan annual meeting. Originally I was to present on the essential elements of a solid law firm website.  However, over the last few... Read More
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Law Firm Marketing: Success is in the Details

There is a common misconception in a large segment of the legal profession that marketing equates to advertising and spending a lot of money. That couldn’t be more wrong. Marketing in law firms is all about sweating the details. The details cost... Read More
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Minnesota Lawyer: Assessing Your Law Firm’s Online Marketing Strategy

Reprinted With Permission of Minnesota Lawyer... Read More
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