ChatGPT at the Law Office: Safely Harnessing the Power of AI for Lawyering

Despite its pitfalls, ChatGPT offers many ways to help lawyers be more productive in their professional practices. Learn of at least three ways you can begin using this tool now in your law office....
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ChatGPT at the Law Office: The Pitfalls of using AIs for Lawyering

ChatGPT offers many promising opportunities to make lawyers more productive in their work. But, it's important to learn how these AI systems work and "think" and know the potential pitfalls before putting too much faith in this tool....
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How to Shoot Your Own Videos

tmf_blog_video By this point, you’ve likely heard about smart phones being so advanced they can be used to upload high-quality video content to a website or YouTube. We’ve seen the “Filmed on an iPhone” label on many commercials and videos. While it’s...
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Brendan Chard

Money and Time Saving Tech Tips and Business Practices for Family Law Attorneys

Brendan Chard Modern Firm president Brendan Chard has been invited to speak at the Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s 16th annual Family Law Institute....
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Going On Vacation in a Wired World

Getting out of the office and on vacation is one of the of the hardest things to do when you work for yourself. Technology, great as it is, always seems to have a hold on us.  Fortunately, we can use technology to fight technology allowing you to...
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Links in Advertising

I just got done speaking with a client about website statistics and we made a startling discovery about  This client, like many law firms, is paying to have a prominent and complete directory listing on the Martindale Hubble website...
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Tips for e-mail sanity

There is a growing movement of good people out there called “Life Hackers.” Life hacks are tips and ideas to improve efficiency and get things off your mind, they generally have a technology slant. Some of the best commentary and...
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Voice over IP (VOIP) Telephone Security Concerns

VOIP is destined to be the “way of the future” for telephone communications. With the catchy Vonage commercials, rapid growth of Skype, cable companies pushing “digital phone”, and business phone vendors pushing this latest...
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Blackberry Thumb | Brain Numb

In 1999 I unpacked my very first Blackberry wireless e-mail device and was elated. I could now receive e-mail anywhere, instantly. Better than that I could easily respond to messages and completely conceal the fact that I was not dutifully sitting...
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Creating a strong password system

We all know that we have too many passwords. Between pin numbers, e-mail, online shopping, voicemail, company networks, home security and various memberships the number of passwords we have to remember is staggering. I personally counted 38...
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