Lead Tracking and Qualification

A Guide to Lead Tracking for Law Firms

Lead Tracking and Qualification Law firm clients don’t materialize out of thin air. If you want to transform your law firm and grow your practice, you need to learn how to leverage lead tracking data to generate better quality cases....
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2023 Guide to Writing The Best Attorney Website Profile

The data is clear: the attorney biographies on a law firm's website are the most clicked on pages of the site. Learn how to write the best attorney bio for your website!...
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Why Should Lawyers Bother with Digital Marketing?

As a small firm  lawyer, if you knew the clients you wanted would come to your door, what would you do? Or, more importantly, what would you do differently?...
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How to Shoot Your Own Videos

tmf_blog_video By this point, you’ve likely heard about smart phones being so advanced they can be used to upload high-quality video content to a website or YouTube. We’ve seen the “Filmed on an iPhone” label on many commercials and videos. While it’s...
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Contact Us

Should Lawyers have a Contact Form on Their Website?

Contact Us The average attorney — even the most introverted — is fundamentally a “people person.” You went into the practice of law because you enjoy helping people navigate the legal system. The tendency to want to connect with people...
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Lawyers Should Definitely Ask for Testimonials

Client testimonial or “reviews” pages are among the most clicked-on sections of our law firm websites. In fact, of the hundreds of sites for which The Modern Firm has direct data, testimonials pages are second only to attorney...
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How Can I Increase My Avvo Score and Why Should I Do It?

goat_lawyer Online management of legal profiles is an important part of reputation management and local marketing for lawyers. Accurate and up-to-date legal profiles on sites like Avvo can create higher search rankings and show your superiority when compared...
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2018 loading

Is My Website Ready For 2018?

2018 loading Answer these 6 straightforward questions to be sure your law firm website won't let you down in the new year. For most practices, sorry, you can't just set it and forget it....
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Things Have Been Slow: What Can I Do to Boost Calls?

graph_predictable_growth To mix metaphors, as a small business owner, you’re used to juggling all of the hats: keeping the books balanced, handling your paperwork or court dates, and managing everything else it takes to make your firm run smoothly. It may often seem...
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Can Using Avvo Violate Your Bar's Ethics Rules?

avvo_logo-Color_Blue Attorneys who market their services online can feel like they’re facing a field of landmines when it comes to complying with their Rules of Professional Conduct. On one end of the spectrum, older rules fail to address online advertising or...
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