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Is Your Attorney Bio Costing Your Firm Clients?

The data is clear: the attorney biographies on a law firm's website are the most clicked on pages of the site. Is your bio costing you clients? Learn how to write your best attorney website bio!... Read More
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Quick Tips: Better SEO for Your Blog

Updated 9/7/2018... Read More
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What Is Long-Tail Content?

If you’ve talked to any member of The Modern Firm after your website launch, you’ll notice a common response to growing your website traffic: more content, more content, and more content. Along with links, Google has confirmed that... Read More
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Why Can't I Use Two Spaces After a Period on my Website?

A young woman, about to get married, asked her mom to teach her how to make her famous pot roast. When the first step turned out to be “cut the end off the pot roast,” the daughter asked why that was necessary. Pausing, the mother said,... Read More
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What Should My Law Firm Blog About?

We’ve already written an important post on why your law firm should have a blog. So, now you’re committed to maintaining that blog (or “News,” “FAQs” or “Articles” section … ). Good! You’ve... Read More
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Why Should My Law Firm's Website Have a Blog?

In our early conversations with clients, we often recommend that they include a blog on their websites. Many attorneys are enthusiastic about the idea. Many are not. The members of the latter group, at best, feel they don’t have time for... Read More
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