2023 Guide to Writing The Best Attorney Website Profile

The data is clear: the attorney biographies on a law firm's website are the most clicked on pages of the site. Learn how to write the best attorney bio for your website!...
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ChatGPT at the Law Office: Safely Harnessing the Power of AI for Lawyering

Despite its pitfalls, ChatGPT offers many ways to help lawyers be more productive in their professional practices. Learn of at least three ways you can begin using this tool now in your law office....
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ChatGPT at the Law Office: The Pitfalls of using AIs for Lawyering

ChatGPT offers many promising opportunities to make lawyers more productive in their work. But, it's important to learn how these AI systems work and "think" and know the potential pitfalls before putting too much faith in this tool....
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Copyright Money

When is a Picture Worth $1000, or More?

Copyright Money We all know the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but did you know using a picture the wrong way could also be an expensive mistake, or worse? One of our clients, unfortunately, found this out the hard way when they unknowingly...
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SEO Chalkboard

Quick Tips: Better SEO for Your Blog (Updated!)

SEO Chalkboard Updated since original October 2017 publication!...
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Hidden Information

Share The Dang Recipe!

Hidden Information Today we're going to be learning about a parallel between lawyers and chefs and how it relates to sharing expertise and client experience, so buckle your seatbelts!...
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Telescope with word: Focus

What Is Long-Tail Content?

Telescope with word: Focus If you’ve talked to any member of The Modern Firm after your website launch, you’ll notice a common response to growing your website traffic: more content, more content, and more content. Along with links, Google has confirmed that...
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Antique Typewriter Keys

Why Can't I Use Two Spaces After a Period on my Website?

Antique Typewriter Keys A young woman, about to get married, asked her mom to teach her how to make her famous pot roast. When the first step turned out to be “cut the end off the pot roast,” the daughter asked why that was necessary. Pausing, the mother said,...
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Lawyer Needs Help Blogging

What Should My Law Firm Blog About?

Lawyer Needs Help Blogging We’ve already written an important post on why your law firm should have a blog. So, now you’re committed to maintaining that blog (or “News,” “FAQs” or “Articles” section … ). Good! You’ve...
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Why Should My Law Firm's Website Have a Blog?

blogging In our early conversations with clients, we often recommend that they include a blog on their websites. Many attorneys are enthusiastic about the idea. Many are not. The members of the latter group, at best, feel they don’t have time for...
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