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Time To Retire From Law

A Retirement Guide To Your Law Firm’s Website and Online Presence

Time To Retire From Law Here's a quick and informative guide on the steps retiring attorneys should take to properly close down their websites, emails, domains, social media and professional profiles so that big issues like identity theft don't ruin their retirement... Read More
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Hey Siri, who’s the best lawyer?

How do Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant Find Attorneys?

Hey Siri, who’s the best lawyer? Just like being the first lawyer to have a website in 1997, or to have a mobile-friendly site in 2008, taking some initial steps to show up in voice searches may be easier to do now before it inevitably becomes more saturated and monetized later.... Read More
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Lots of Pretty Fiber Optic Cables

What is Your Hosting Uptime?

Lots of Pretty Fiber Optic Cables This week’s question comes to us from a new client who, while vetting us, asked: “What is your hosting uptime?” Hosting reliability has become of such importance on the internet that most of us take for granted that everything... Read More
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What Is Website Hosting?

iStock_000006327761XSmall The Internet. The World Wide Web. The Information Highway. A vast network of data, cables, and servers that provide the world with the connective tissue to transmit content and information. All of the text, images, and videos that you see online... Read More
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Brendan Chard Speaks @ MinnCLE Webcast

Brendan Chard, owner of The Modern Firm, LLC spoke today at a Minnesota CLE webcast on using the internet for better client communications.  The discussion covered a wide range of internet technology including law firm websites, blogging and... Read More
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Cyber-Liability – What’s my exposure? Will my insurance respond?

Law firms of every size and discipline face growing exposures with respect to breaches in their computer security and information systems, with increasingly sophisticated attacks occurring more frequently. Due to rapidly changing policy coverages... Read More
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Managing Information Overload: What to do When the Information Age Has You Overwhelmed

Several weeks ago a friend, the executive director of an organization, confessed that his office is a disaster. Professional journals pile up, phone messages are unanswered. Projects remain half completed. The in-box has become a storage box. Every... Read More
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Brendan Chard to speak in WebCast for Minnesota CLE

Brendan Chard, president of The Modern Firm, will be speaking as part of a panel of experts on the future of law office technology. The WebCast will air live on February 20th at 12:00PM CST.... Read More
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Brendan Chard Speaks at Michigan ICLE Solo and Small Firm Conference

Brendan Chard, President and CEO of The Modern Firm, spoke at the ICLE Solo and Small Firm Conference on Friday, October 19th in Dearborn, Michigan. The topic, Websites and Online Marketing: Make Them Work For You, covers the reasons small law... Read More
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Tips for e-mail sanity

There is a growing movement of good people out there called “Life Hackers.” Life hacks are tips and ideas to improve efficiency and get things off your mind, they generally have a technology slant. Some of the best commentary and... Read More
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