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Merrill Hodnefield, J.D.

Writing Director
Location:  Michigan
Phone: (800) 741-8034

Merrill is an alumna of the University of Michigan Law School and a published writer who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Still a member of the State Bar of Michigan, Merrill practiced law for 10 years before joining The Modern Firm. Her love of the written word has given her the opportunity to craft numerous published opinions for the Michigan Supreme Court and Michigan Court of Appeals, to consult on statutory language, to author legal academic work, and to provide research, writing and editorial assistance for significant law-related books.


Merrill's role as writing director at The Modern Firm involves strategizing, editing, and optimizing written website content. She gets to know our clients during their initial interviews and follow-up conversations in order to help them personalize their websites and clearly communicate what sets their firms apart. She also coordinates our team of awesome freelance attorney-writers, matching them up with lawyers who need that special someone to perfectly capture all their great qualities and services in writing. 

Merrill staunchly believes that successful web content comes from good, personalized writing — not from the stultifying overuse of keywords. And she'd like to prove it to you.

When Not Writing

Merrill has heard that people do things other than writing and organizing things in their spare time. She finds this fascinating.

What You May Not Know

  • Was supposed to be named "Catharine," until her dad mixed up her intended first and middle names when filling out her Birth Certificate.
  • Was a musician in another life, and still can be caught singing and playing the musical saw.
  • Once made a cameo appearance in a horror film — as a violin-playing zombie.
  • Has a young son who wrote his first book at age 3. It contained only a few misspellings.

What Our Clients Say

Client review by attorney Marsha Andersen, CEO
Marsha Andersen, CEO
Vocational Analysis and Disability Research Firm
"The Modern Firm is a model for a well-organized company with staff who coordinated the whole website process beautifully, keeping our staff apprised of the progress. All of us were very pleased with the final result. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the firm to attorneys who want a very attractive and unique website that truly lets the reader know who they are and what they offer. Read More "