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Merrill Hodnefield, J.D.

Writing Director
Location:  Michigan
Phone: (800) 741-8034

Merrill is an alumna of the University of Michigan Law School and a published writer who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Still a member of the State Bar of Michigan, Merrill practiced law for 10 years before joining The Modern Firm. Her love of the written word has given her the opportunity to craft numerous published opinions for the Michigan Supreme Court and Michigan Court of Appeals, to consult on statutory language, to author legal academic work, and to provide research, writing and editorial assistance for significant law-related books.


Merrill's role as writing director at The Modern Firm involves planning, managing, and perfecting written website content. With guidance and collaborative editing, she helps our clients to personalize their websites and blogs in order to clearly communicate what sets their firms apart. She also heads up our team of awesome freelance attorney-writers, matching them up with lawyers who need that special someone to perfectly capture all their great qualities and services in writing for them. She closely collaborates with our marketing, website design, and support teams to ensure that content meets each client's goals for branding, marketing, and the evolution of their law firm.

Merrill is also our go-to for questions about how to ensure a website complies with Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorney advertising and what the heck weird Latin legal phrases mean.

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When Not Obsessing About Website Content

If Merrill is not organizing and perfecting website content, she is apt to be organizing and perfecting some element of her home — usually in a way her husband will at first resist and then come to love for its brilliant efficiency. We've also noticed she has a weird tendency for slapping random Jack Russell Terrier photos onto any Modern Firm document or company webpage she touches.

What You May Not Know

  • Was supposed to be named "Catharine," until her dad mixed up her intended first and middle names when filling out her Birth Certificate.
  • Was a musician in another life, and still can be caught singing and playing the musical saw.
  • Once made a cameo appearance in a horror film — as a violin-playing zombie.
  • Has a young son who wrote his first book at age 3. It contained only a few misspellings.

What Our Clients Say

Client review by attorney Brett Herron
Brett Herron
Herron Law Office, PLLC
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"I had contacted and been contacted by several different web design companies before finding The folks at The Modern Firm. I was impressed with their responsiveness, plain talk, and customer service. They did not try to “sell” me on anything but instead just provided good, solid information to help me make an informed decision. They delivered on all of their promises. I would highly rec… Read More "