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The Turek Law Firm, PC serves healthcare providers and businesses. As they make clear on the home page of their new law firm website, they are, in part, "a technology driven law firm." So it was great to work with them to get this brand new website launched, using the best features of The Modern Firm's custom WordPress platform for law firms. Our use of WordPress allows our website design services to fall in that sweet spot between ultra expensive custom design and inexpensive cooker-cutter business websites.

What we've found is that, on the one hand, most small- to medium-sized law firms don't need overly fancy custom website design. This is because, first, high end websites generally have tons of bells and whistles a law firm doesn't need — and, arguably, shouldn't want. In the business of law, flashy and complicated design can be overwhelming and distract from the law firm's message. Your law firm website is not a trendy blog or an e-commerce platform and you shouldn't try to make it look like one. Indeed, aside from some tech-related law practices (think: Silicon Valley IP firm) and a handful of other quirky or high-end practices, a flashy, high-end design can actively send the wrong message (to potential clients and competitors — let's not forget they are looking you up online, too!) about a smaller firm. Expensive-looking sites that employ the gimmicky design trends of the moment not only run the risk of making you look less serious than your competitors; they can make many classes of good, potential clients assume you're too expensive for them.

Further, these flashy sites unnecessarily stress small- and medium-sized firms' limited marketing budgets. Even if you can afford to pay for the initial website design, have you considered who you will be paying, ongoing, to maintain your custom bells and whistles for functionality and security? And what about if your apparently cost-effective (or free!) website design comes connected to $1,000s in monthly marketing fees; will you still own your site if the marketing isn't effective (hint: usually no)?

On the other hand, law firms are rarely served well by barebones or do-it-yourself business websites. The limited options of such websites run the risk of looking cheap or cookie-cutter (overused gavel and flag photos, anyone?) and, critically, very often aren't great for search engine optimization. Most importantly, because the sites aren't designed for lawyers, they often don't include features law firm websites actually need (we've all seen those websites where an attorney's core practice areas are displayed as blog posts, nuff said) and don't take into account attorney advertising rules of the various state bars' Rules of Professional Conduct. Further, as a rule, you'll have the primary responsibility for maintaining your DIY law firm website going forward. Is that what you want to spend your time on?

Now, honestly, this is not to simply dog our competitors. Every kind of website has its niche. Certain firms may well want to pay for bells and whistles. Attorneys just starting out may have the time and patience to do their best with a DIY site until their practice grows. But TMF's services have been developed precisely because most small- or medium-sized firms need a website that falls right into the middle of the two extremes. We have just enough bells and whistles, built on a WordPress platform that you can learn to use yourself, and lovingly maintained with regard to functionality and security by our awesome team (if you choose to host your site with us).

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The Turek Law Firm's new website is a great example of our just-right-for-law-firms approach. Their new design started with a walk through our portfolio of law firm website designs, during which we discussed with them the design elements they liked — and didn't like. We then customized the design to their preferences but, because our design elements are drawn from our existing portfolio, even our custom designs already have their basis in code mapped out by our developer: you're not paying us to design every element of your site from a blank slate, leading to a time savings for us and a cost savings for you.

Most critical is the organization of the site, which appears flawless thanks to our custom use of WordPress post types behind the scenes. This firm used our law-firm-specific post types for their attorney profiles, practice areas, Insights blog, and News section. This means that, as the firm wants to add, edit, or subtract information from their website (whether they engage the help of our support team or not), one merely has to log into the back end of the site, choose the relevant site section, and add a page or edit an existing one. The page will be formatted like the other pages in its section and, once a page is added, it will be automatically displayed on the directory page for its relevant section — no extra steps required. 

Finally, this firm makes great use of WordPress's organizational tools and TMF's accompanying "short codes" (i.e. code shortcuts we've designed so various bits of information can be dynamically employed throughout the website). Thus, when the firm adds a News item, the most recent one will display both in their News section and on their home page. Further, organizational tools connected to the blog allow them to essentially house three mini blogs — each related to one of their main practice areas — on the website. The firm can add blog entries via a single, simple process when logged into the website. Then, based on how they categorize each new entry, it will show up in just the right places on the public side of the site, so visitors can easily browse within the speciality of their interest.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

The Turek Law Firm, based in The Woodlands, Texas, practices throughout Texas and in some neighboring jurisdictions.

The Turek Law Firm, PC
9595 Six Pines Drive, Suite 8210
The Woodlands, Texas 77380
Phone: (281) 296-6920

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