Portland, Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney Puts Clients' Rights First


You may be asking: don't all criminal defense attorneys put their clients' rights first? One would certainly hope so. And, here at The Modern Firm, we do find that the solo criminal defense attorneys and small defense firms we work with are particularly passionate about their roles as client advocates. So perhaps Portland criminal defense attorney Ross Denison's approach should come as no surprise. Indeed, many of the websites for criminal defense attorneys that we have built have become passion projects even for our involved staff, as we work with these truly dedicated attorneys to describe their work and reach out to their intended audiences.

Ross still stands out as one of those whose passion for justice and the constitution became evident in every word he wrote for his new site. As the site itself describes:

At the heart of Ross’ commitment to defending individuals accused of crimes is an understanding that state actors and institutions — from police to prosecutors to courts, jails and prisons — too often tread upon the rights to privacy and fairness that we enjoy as Americans and Oregonians.

So how do you make a website that captures this passion? Beyond the words you use, which are clearly important, the site itself needs to exhibit the intent behind the mission. And this one does. Well beyond merely advertising services or promoting Ross himself, the site shows that he walks the walk. Because he genuinely cares about individuals' rights, each section of the site takes pains to educate and empower readers. In particular, he has already begun making great use of our custom FAQ and blog post-types to answer questions and provide legal updates.

So glad to have had the chance to collaborate with you on this, Ross! 

The full website may be viewed here: www.rossdenisonlaw.com.

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Based in Portland, Ross Denison Law represents individuals accused of or charged with crimes throughout the state of Oregon.

Ross Denison Law
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