New Haven, Connecticut Attorney Serving Those Who Served Launches New Website Design


Former JAG officer Joshua Grubaugh is a U.S. Army veteran and major in the Army Reserves who continues to serve by providing legal representation for those who have served. After leaving active duty, he formed Grubaugh Law in New Haven, Connecticut to uphold the rights of other veterans in VA claims and disability matters. He also continues to represent active-duty military members in courts-martial and for other military justice issues, as private counsel.

In addition to advocating for justice for veterans, Josh is committed to ensuring that the rights of anyone charged with a criminal offense are protected. Applying his military trial experience, he makes sure that clients facing criminal charges, such as DUIs, have an advocate who will ensure their side of the story is heard. However, Josh knew he had to make sure that those who need the specific types of legal services he offers can first find his firm. That’s why he reached out to The Modern Firm to create a new website.  

The Website

“Personal Attention. Unparalleled Advocacy.”

Josh knows how important it is for clients to have an attorney who is approachable, communicative, and takes the time to listen to their questions and concerns. With the belief that every client should receive personalized attention in their case, Grubaugh Law needed a website that would speak directly to each client about the legal matters they might be facing. The Modern Firm captured Josh’s dedication to principled advocacy and commitment to each client throughout his firm’s website content and design.

Since many people who face the kinds of serious legal issues Josh handles might hesitate to pick up the phone to talk with a lawyer they don’t know, his website had to help put clients at ease. The Modern Firm created a website for Grubaugh Law that helps prospective clients feel comfortable starting a dialogue with Josh. By featuring Frequently Asked Questions and incorporating a conversational style, clients are introduced to Josh and can learn about his firm’s services before they speak with him in person. The FAQs not only help to educate clients, they also boost SEO so that people who are searching for help with the same kinds of issues can find Grubaugh Law’s website and take the first step forward to resolve their legal matter.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Grubaugh Law is located in New Haven, Connecticut and represents clients in criminal defense matters throughout the state as well as active-duty service members facing a court-martial or military justice matter throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic area.

Grubaugh Law, LLC
157 Church Street
19th Floor, Suite 2700
New Haven, CT 06510

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