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Experienced Boston criminal defense attorney Henry Fasoldt has a wealth of knowledge about Massachusetts and federal criminal defense law. And The Modern Firm recently collaborated with him to help share that knowledge with the public.

Henry has established a dedicated blog to offer observations on the latest news in criminal law, from U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the criminal law field to the most recent developments in Massachusetts, such as the Massachusetts United States Attorney's Office increase in prosecuting undocumented immigrants who have attempted to re-enter the country after being deported.  

The Website

A dedicated blog can be a really great complement to a law firm's primary firm website. The freestanding blog can concentrate on subject-matter based organization of information, so readers can easily find the topics they're looking for. Of course a blog also has great SEO advantages. For those so inclined, a secondary blog can add an extra SEO punch: in addition to providing user-friendly, Google-able information, the informational blog site can provide hyperlinks back to the main law firm website, further promoting the latter and offering additional, SEO-enhancing inbound links.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Based in Boston and Cambridge, Henry Fasoldt practices in all the criminal courts in Massachusetts, including the state, federal, District, Superior, and Juvenile courts.

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