Countdown to 2018 — #2: Veterans' Attorneys Serve Vets and Their Lawyers

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The veterans' appeals attorneys of Attig | Steel, PLLC have a very focused practice helping vets and veterans' attorneys get the benefits members of our armed forces are due, thanks to their service. Injured former servicemen and women are entitled to medical care and financial help when they return from duty. But sometimes these benefits are wrongly denied by a misunderstanding of facts — or misapplication of law — by VA regional offices or the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA). That's where Attig | Steel comes in. 

CAVC attorney Chris Attig and accredited VA attorney Jennifer Steel bring together their years of experience to represent veterans in BVA appeals, appeals to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and even further appeals to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals or Supreme Court. Just as significantly, a great part of their practice consists of appeals support for VA accredited attorneys and VSOs appealing to the veterans law judges of the BVA. Attig | Steel monitors relevant decisions and case law to train veterans' advocates and help them sharpen their skills in advocating for their clients.

The Website

"Caring. Effective. Efficient."

The firm's new website was custom designed to carry out each facet of Attig | Steel's mission. In addition to descriptions of their various services, the site carries out their dual mission of education and advocacy through features like the VA Form 21 Blog, which covers legal updates, case alerts, and VA advocacy skills. Veterans' advocates can also sign up for free case law updates by email, to help them stay on top of their game.

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Attig | Steel serves United States veterans and their advocates throughout the nation and worldwide.

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