The Modern Firm Launches Mobile Compatible Law Firm Website for Wyoming Personal Injury Attorney

The Modern Firm has designed many a website for personal injury attorneys and has written about the trials and tribulations of online marketing for personal injury law practices. Cody, Wyoming, personal injury attorney Stephen L. Simonton's particular take on this area of law is transparent and immediately relatable for injured individuals and their families. For car accident victims, for example, his website opines:

Obtaining fair and just compensation does not just involve you and the other driver — your primary adversary is that driver's insurance company. Above all, insurance companies are businesses concerned about their financial bottom lines. The insurance company has every incentive to offer you a low settlement and to argue that the accident was mostly your fault.

Moreover, don't underestimate your own incentives to accept a lower settlement than you deserve. You may be in financial crisis and have bills to pay. ... We understand wanting to just put a tragedy behind you by accepting the insurance company's offer and moving on. But please don't let the insurance company's offer of immediate payment stop you from protecting your full rights to compensation. They will tell you their offer is fair. But it probably isn't.

Low angle view of the front part of a car after an accident

Have You Ever Thought of a Personal Injury Lawyer's Ad as a Public Service?

Well, now you might. Certainly there are more than a few obnoxious personal injury billboards and TV commercials out there. But Simonton's work and website cast this area of law, and its champions, in a different light by richly reflecting the complex nature of personal injury lawsuits — including the range of challenges and sometimes conflicting incentives faced by accident or wrongful death victims.

Overall, the clear takeaway should make you pause if you've ever uttered the denigrating phrase "ambulance chaser" to apply to all "PI" firms. That takeaway: An insurance representative's central job is to minimize an injured person's recovery — not out of spite, but from a sheer business interest in seeing the facts of the case in a particular light. And, because they do it every day with the help of seasoned experts, injured victims of others' negligence need their own experienced advocates, whether in evaluating a proffered insurance settlement or in taking a claim all the way to court.

And, perhaps most importantly, many vulnerable, injured folks are simply not aware that this is the state of things.


Mobile Version

We were very pleased to get this new website up and running today, designed to help Simonton's practice and approach reach a larger audience within, and outside of, Wyoming. Based in Cody, he works with injured people, and the families of victims of fatal incidents, throughout Wyoming. He also works with out-of-state victims of car, truck and motorcycle accidents that occurred while his clients were vacationing in Yellowstone National Park or the Big Horn Basin.

Stephen L. Simonton, P.C.
1222 11th Street
Cody, WY 82414
Phone: (307) 587-7010

The new website may be viewed here:

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