Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Attorney Reassures Potential Clients


Bankruptcy. Many individuals consider it a personal failure and are ashamed to talk about it. Yet corporations use it willy nilly as a legitimate financial strategy. Sure, they may take a few hits with regard to their public reputation or stock value. But, for example, General Motors is doing just fine now. And some business people who file for bankruptcy have even gone on to hold fairly prominent professional roles like, say, President of the United States.

And still, families and individuals let their bills pile up or homes go into foreclosure because of their fears about how bankruptcy will affect their credit and their self respect. Salt Lake City, Utah bankruptcy attorney Marji Hanson considers it part of her job to remove judgment from discussions about bankruptcy with her clients. For some, it's just the right tool to get their futures back on track.

We worked with Marji over the summer to gather and polish information she had written years ago to educate consumers considering bankruptcy. Then we put it together in a great new SEO- and mobile-friendly website she can use to reach out to potential local clients. Marji's new website launched on August 27. Under two weeks later, we're happy to see that testing from different locations shows her site on page 1 or 2 of the Google search results as well as on page 1 of Google maps.

Congrats, Marji — it's up!

The full website may be viewed here:

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The Law Offices of Marji Hanson works with clients throughout SLC and the surrounding Utah communities.

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