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Reston (Fairfax County), Virginia immigration lawyer Michael McVicker has been serving clients from around the world for 20 years. The firm's work includes a broad range of immigration services, from temporary business immigration to Green Cards and citizenship for individuals and families.

Among other advantages, members of the firm are conversant in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. To assist non-English-speaking prospective clients, we worked with Michael to create a French language U.S. immigration law website mirroring central aspects of the main English language site. 

All this impressive legal information aside, one of the most notable features of this site are the 5-star attorney reviews. We often recommend that attorneys include client reviews or testimonials on their websites, given that our data shows how popular these reviews are with site visitors. And the glowing comments our attorney clients receive rarely disappoint. Witness:

"'If all lawyers were like Michael' are the words my wife uttered about half way into our naturalization process. ..."

... or ...

"I truly believe that Mr. McVicker will meet and exceed your level of expectations. I am very fortunate to have him as my attorney and would highly recommend his services."

It's difficult not to be convinced by these first-person accounts!

The Website

Immigration law firm website designs can be an exercise in creating order out of chaos. It used to be that this was primarily because of the amount of information to be included: the sheer number of interconnected laws and regulations involved are staggering. More recently, the chaos of immigration law has come from the uncertainty surrounding impending Trump administration immigration policy. 

This is where a user-friendly Content Management System like WordPress — on a site you own and have direct access to — is critical. We can't tell you how many times, during our initial meeting with a new client, we hear that the 3rd party who controls their website makes it impossible for the firm to achieve timely updates. Or, worse, that the "tech guy" or "SEO guy" with the keys to the site has simply flown the coop and left them stranded.

Regular updates to website text are important for a number of reasons; changes to the law just happen to be one of the most significant. Michael McVicker's new CMS will allow him (with, or without, the help of our support team!) to update his pages as 2017 immigration law takes shape.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

The Law Office of Michael McVicker is located in Reston, VA. Locally, it serves Fairfax County, Washington, D.C., Loudoun County, and communities throughout the greater DC metro area, including Alexandria, Arlington, Ashburn, Centreville, Falls Church, Fairfax, Herndon, Leesburg, McLean, and Sterling. It serves immigrants from throughout the world, as well as companies based in other countries, including England, France, Germany and Finland.

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