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Florida attorney Christian Waugh founded Waugh Law as a modern law firm with a traditional approach to practicing law. Firm lawyers are generalists who provide legal services to clients across a wide range of substantive practice areas, including general civil litigation as well as transactional work. The practice covers the whole state of Florida and some out-of-state locations as well.

The Website

When Christian Waugh approached The Modern Firm about designing a new website for his firm, one of his primary goals was to ensure that the new site fully captured the special nature of the firm’s practice and approach. TMF assured him that we could achieve that goal for both the design and content of the site, since we focus on providing highly personalized service based on each client’s specific needs.

Christian had other goals, too. He wanted the site to fully reflect the vibrant style and culture of Florida, as well as the singular personality of the firm. To achieve all his objectives, the TMF design team and content team worked closely with Christian every step of the way.

The design makes liberal use of stunning photographs that capture the essence of Florida. The simple yet elegant color scheme of the site takes full advantage of the eye-catching full-color photos, without overpowering or interfering with their visual impact.

Christian utilized TMF’s website writing services to develop the content for his website pages. The collaborative effort resulted in practice pages that fully describe the firm’s legal services and the firm’s approach to serving clients, as well as pages that explain the unique nature of the firm’s services and culture. Collectively, the carefully-crafted pages provide a detailed presentation of everything about the firm and practice that set it apart from other law firms.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

From offices in Orlando, Miami, and The Villages, Waugh Law serves individual and business clients throughout Florida and beyond.

Waugh Law PA
321 N. Crystal Lake Drive, Suite 207
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Phone: 321-800-6008
561 Fieldcrest Drive
The Villages, FL 32162
Phone: 352-750-0325
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Miami, FL 33145
Phone: 321-800-6008

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