Orange County, CA Personal Injury Lawyer Website Defies Sterotypes


We just love that Orange County, California, personal injury attorney Chris Skorina breaks the ambulance-chaser image right on his home page with these words: 

You won't see us on billboards, bus benches, or daytime or late night television. You won't hear us on the radio or see us advertising in a mailbox circular. We are not interested in building a high volume "mill" practice. We don't take every case presented to us. We carefully select our cases and limit the number of matters we take on to ensure the highest quality representation possible.

After introducing the firm in these great, counterintuitive terms, the website goes on to do a great job of outlining the various areas of work the firm pursues, including the things you'd expect — such as legal services for California car accident victims, representation in slip and fall cases and help for those injured by defective products — but also some niche areas of work for which the firm has become known over the years: California business law and litigation and real estate and construction law.

The Website

The horizontal panel-based design of the website allows visitors to skim through not just the firm introduction and practice areas, but also some great attorney reviews by past clients and successful results in prior lawsuits. We think it's ideal to allow an attorney's work to speak for itself — through actual verdicts / settlements and client comments — as much as possible.

The website also takes into account the growing science of user behavior and the varying screen sizes on which the webpages may be viewed. The availability of a free consultation is clear throughout, reassuring folks who are in need of legal help, and the contact form is prominent and easily accessible.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

The Law Offices of Mosher & Skorina, P.C. are based in Laguna Niguel, California. They serve injured accident victims and their families in Orange County and throughout Southern California.

The Law Offices of Mosher & Skorina, P.C.
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Phone: (949) 582-1544

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