Spot-on Branding and New Website for Newport News Law Firm


Newport News, Virginia attorneys Jeffrey Riddle, Barbara Hanna, and Trevor Anderson recently set out to establish their own small practice together. With over 45 years of combined professional experience – not only as lawyers but also in engineering, entrepreneurship, and the military – Riddle & Hanna, PLC is able to offer a wide range of legal advocacy services from estate planning, family law & divorce to criminal defense and military law.

They are unique not only for the impressive breadth of services offered, but for the friendship they share, their enjoyment of working together, and for the knowledge, care and compassion they show the clients they serve across York County, VA and the Hampton Roads region.

The Website

“Life’s Complicated, We’re Ready”

Just as it would be easy for this firm to rely on their established reputation with existing clients and colleagues, it would also be easy to create a website that was a boring litany of the many and varied services they offer. But that would be a disservice to this capable firm, and it certainly wouldn’t help them attract new clients. It’s also not The Modern Firm way.

TMF worked closely with this team to understand their strengths and goals, as well as the personality of their firm. Together we established a brand that first and foremost could help them stay focused on the work and on the clients that best suit their strengths and services. This branding also served as a guidepost for us to create their new website and online presence.

The result was, in part, the multi-tool image that dominates the site’s homepage and the two taglines: “Life’s Complicated, We’re Ready” and “One Firm, For Life.” Riddle & Hanna have established their firm as a one-stop shop to serve the lifelong needs of clients. No matter the situation a client faces – from dealing with life event situations like probate, real estate, adoption, or divorce and custody matters, to personal injury, or even navigating the criminal or military justice systems, they have the knowledge and the care to advise and guide clients every step of the way.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Riddle & Hanna, PLC, provides lifelong services to clients in Newport News, and throughout York County and the greater Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

Riddle & Hanna, PLC
601 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Suite 200
Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: (757) 586-5380

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