New Attorney Coach and CLE Website Launched

The Sharper Lawyer is a nationwide attorney CLE provider and attorney business coaching company formed by attorney Cynthia Sharp. Sharp offers a range of accredited continuing legal education programs at events throughout the country. She also offers attorney coaching.

What is Attorney Coaching?

Attorney coaching is a relatively new phenomenon in the U.S., and The Modern Firm has had the opportunity to work with several attorney coaches this year. As Ms. Sharp puts it on her website, attorneys may choose to work with coaches because they are ready for a change but unsure how to go about it:

Like most people, you would probably like to change some aspect of your life - personal or professional. Maybe you want to make more money or have an office that runs more smoothly. Perhaps you have thought about spending more time with your family, starting a regular exercise program or pursuing a cherished hobby that you dropped once you started practicing law.

Maybe it's simply because we attorneys are often too busy to have the time to chart a course for change. Or maybe we too often work in atmospheres where it is professionally frowned upon to pursue leisure time, or difficult to create lasting organizational change. Or, as Sharp suggests,

One reason is that they have not been equipped with the tools that synthesize the change process into manageable steps. Without a written plan, it is all too easy to simply give up when obstacles seem overwhelming or when one fails at a first attempt to reach a goal. Many attorneys (including me) have found the coaching process to offer great clarity and structure, which has lead to positive transformation.

We at The Modern Firm enjoyed working on the new Sharper Lawyer website, which was custom designed to describe the organization's services and provide attorneys with access to resources, publications, and CLE opportunities.

The Sharper Lawyer serves attorneys throughout the U.S. from their Philadelphia base:

The Sharper Lawyer

875 N. 24th St.

Philadelphia, PA 19130

Phone 1: (609) 923-1017

The new website may be viewed at:

Or learn more about our custom law firm and law-related websites.

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