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Compassion and commitment come naturally to Lansing, Michigan adoption attorney Mary Conklin. Before becoming an attorney, Ms. Conklin had a long career as a registered nurse. Her compassion for mothers and babies led her to focus on maternal child health nursing. One of her proudest achievements as a nurse was helping to develop the practice of nurse-midwifery in Michigan. Her nursing specialty became a very logical segue into adoption law.

Attorney Conklin's nursing compassion and her commitment to mothers, families, and children carry through to her work in adoption law. As a Michigan adoption attorney for more than 10 years, Ms. Conklin handles all types of adoptions allowed under Michigan law. She has been involved in adoptions of newborns and relatives as well as adult adoptions, and everything in between. Her clients are from throughout Michigan. Her work includes cases of adoption in other states where one of the parties resides in Michigan.

Adoption is a wonderful option to form a “forever family.” For a child, adoption offers an option for stability and permanence. Adoption offers a parent or parents the unique experience of parenting that may not be available to them otherwise. Both the parents and the child benefit immeasurably from the relationship.

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"Adoption Attorney and Registered Nurse"

The Conklin Law Firm website integrates Ms. Conklin's unmistakable compassion for children and families involved in adoption, both through the content and liberal use of photographs of happy families and children of all ages. The site includes details about a wide range of adoption situations, as well as information and resources for people in Michigan who are considering adoption. Attorney Conklin's profile and background are also a focal point.

The full website may be viewed here: www.conklinadoptionlaw.com.

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Adoption attorney Mary Conklin is based in Lansing and works with clients throughout Michigan. Her adoption cases involve Michigan adoptions as well as adoptions in other states and countries when one of the parties is a Michigan resident.

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