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Van Every Law isn’t your typical law firm, with levels of administrative bureaucracy or a cold, polished appearance. Kathy Van Every is a pragmatic, hands-on attorney who runs her law firm like a business. She focuses on providing practical legal solutions based on the law, good business practice, and common sense. Her firm, located in McKinney, Texas, focuses on tapping into her clients’ entrepreneurial spirit, and helping them respond to business and employment law issues.

Van Every Law helps business owners facing challenges in business law and litigation, intellectual property, and government contracts. Her new website provides potential clients with a wealth of information on everything from government regulatory compliance to open source software and technology licensing agreements.

Kathy Van Every has worked with Fortune 50, mid-sized aerospace and defense companies, entrepreneurs, and family-owned businesses. Her diverse corporate experience helps her connect clients with attorneys and subject matter experts to handle a range of business issues. The firm provides an agile structure that helps to keep client costs low while providing easy access to a knowledgeable, hands-on attorney ready to guide businesses to a clear path forward.

The Website

“Simplifying the Complex.”

When Kathy Van Every came to The Modern Firm, she wanted a new website that would educate readers and balance her approachability as a person with her extensive expertise in the field. We were able to incorporate unique touches that make visitors feel like they were tapping into a small business’s conference room, rather than a stuffy lawyer office. For example, we named her blog the “White Board” based on a story she shared from her time in corporate life. You can read about it here. Kathy is also an avid amateur photographer, and we were able to feature many of her own photos to highlight the content on her website, and make her stand out from her competition.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

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