Something Old, Something New for Mankato, MN Law Firm Website Design


There’s something wonderful about seeing a family business pass from one generation to another: the tradition established by a parent, with the fresh take offered by their child and business partner. When Jacob Birkholz took the reins at Birkholz & Associates, established by his father, Dan, in St. James, Minnesota more than two decades ago, he kept what had made the firm successful: a dedication to personal service and a focus on litigation skill. He also understood that the firm’s strengths lay not only in its illustrious history, but its ability to embrace the future and the needs of their community in Southern Minnesota.

Birkholz & Associates is a general practice firm that handles family law, criminal defense, estate planning, real estate matters, and litigation. In recent years, they have expanded from their original location in St. James to open a second office in Mankato. Jacob knew that an updated website was essential to promoting the firm, but wasn’t getting satisfactory results from the web design company he was working with, so he turned to The Modern Firm.

“Protecting Your Freedom, Rights, and Family”

Jacob wanted to highlight the services the firm offers, including a growing family law practice, as well as to emphasize both the attorneys’ responsiveness to clients and skill in resolving cases. The Modern Firm’s focus on small law firms was appealing; Jake knew that we could customize a site that would appeal to his client base and reflect his geographical area.

The law firm’s business is booming, which is great news for Jacob and his team, but also left him little time to create content for his website. Fortunately, he was able to collaborate with The Modern Firm’s team of attorney-writers, letting them create the content that described his vision.

The full website may be viewed here:

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Birkholz & Associates serves clients in Mankato, St. James, and the surrounding areas of Southern Minnesota.

Birkholz & Associates, LLC
802 S. Front Street
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: (507) 387-2100

101 South 7th Street
St. James, MN 56081
Phone: (507) 375-3374

If your firm is moving forward, and you need a new or updated website design to reflect that, get in touch with The Modern Firm! We take the time to understand your goals and run with them, so you can focus on your growing business while still maintaining creative control of your website.

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