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One would do well to take seriously the appellate law focus of the Lansing, Michigan attorneys of Alane & Chartier P.L.C. The woman-owned law firm was founded by former Michigan Supreme Court clerks Mary Chartier and Natalie Alane. Further, in what Michiganders-in-the-know might consider a coup, the firm landed the Court's longest serving judicial official — former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Michael F. Cavanagh — as an Of Counsel member after Cavanagh left the bench.  The firm's founders also served at the Michigan Court of Appeals, among other impressive prior roles in the Michigan legal arena.

By no means do they limit themselves to appellate law, however. The firm's accomplished Michigan family law practice is individualized and personal: "You are not just another case to us. You will find that our team genuinely cares about you and the impact of a legal proceeding on your family." And its Michigan criminal defense team enlists the attorneys' extensive litigation backgrounds: "We take your case seriously because it’s important to you and because we like winning. We’re experienced lawyers who handle serious cases."

The Website

"Michigan Attorneys and Counselors at Law"

The Modern Firm was so pleased to complete this website redesign for our longstanding clients at Alane & Chartier. In addition to making the website mobile responsive, we carried over and updated several dynamic features of the site. The firm's impressive list of client testimonials received updates and remains categorized by attorney, for easy research by potential clients. Their great colleague testimonials and extensive case successes also remain featured.

The full website may be viewed here:

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With offices in Lansing and Grand Rapids, Alane & Chartier serves clients with matters in the state trial and appellate courts of Michigan, the Michigan federal district courts, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

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