Responsive Website Launched for LA Complex Business Litigation Firm

LA Law Firm Website

Blecher Collins & Pepperman opens its new law firm website with the following quote from Teddy Roosevelt:

"Aggressive fighting for the right is the noblest sport the world affords.”

It's pretty clear that these Los Angeles business litigation attorneys wield a big stick when necessary — as illustrated by the firm's landmark cases. But we'd like to think that the new website also allows them to speak softly. This isn't the kind of law firm website where verdict amounts preceded by dollar signs jump out at you. Understated fonts give the site a sophisticated feel, leading the visitor through the critical stats necessary to assess a lawyer in the firm's areas of focus, which range from groundbreaking work in antitrust law to a successful history in class action lawsuits.

The Website

"Skilled Representation in Complex, Ground-Breaking Cases"

Blecher Collins & Pepperman came to The Modern Firm's law firm website rescue team in the midst of a new website build with another provider. We worked with the law firm to retain what they liked about their developing website blueprints, as well as to improve on those, where appropriate.

The final design has a modular feel, with needed bits of information framed and ready at the fingertips of site visitors. For example, the firm's individual practice areas, in addition to being easily accessed from the main menu, stand at the ready on most pages:

blecher-collins-practice-areasOn the attorney biography pages, each attorney's individual practice areas and educational background are displayed, along with a page-specific navigation bar for the full attorney team:

blecher-collins-attorneysThe full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Blecher Collins & Pepperman has offices in L.A. The firm litigates throughout the U.S.

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Phone: (213) 622-4222

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