Love This New Immigration Lawyer Website!


You know you've done a good job when, in the weeks following a new website launch, your new clients starting asking for that design. We recently launched just such a website for St. Paul, Minnesota immigration attorney Peter Nagell.

It was a great pleasure working with Peter building up to his website launch in August — from discussing his design preferences, to showing him mock-up design options, to coding out his chosen elements. Since then, the accolades we've been hearing about his site made us know we should write about it!

We often call The Modern Firm's website design process a "collaboration" between our design team and our clients. But what "collaboration" means for a given project can actually vary greatly. As a general matter, we start by talking through our law firm website design templates and portfolio of launched sites to get a sense of what kinds of design layouts are of most interest to a new client. We also want to know what a client loves — or hates — about websites designed by other web development companies.

These conversations can take a variety of paths however. A firm may ask us to simply use our expertise to combine fonts, colors and layouts according to current best practices, getting them online quickly and leaving them to focus on their law practices. Other firms have very specific visions they want to layer onto our templates, and work closely with us on various elements of the design. Our job there is to try to realize the firm's vision while being straightforward about what generally works — and what doesn't — for usability and marketing appeal. 

The new website for Nagell Law has become another great example of this collaboration that sparks new conversations with new clients. We especially like the photographic elements that appear at the top of each page and the fantastic attorney headshot of Peter that welcomes clients on the home page. The design overall features horizontal panels with a sidebar on interior pages that highlights Peter's profile and shining reviews from his clients.

Given how busy immigration attorneys are these days, our crack team of writers for law firm websites was also very pleased to help out with original writing for the site.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Nagell Law, PLLC serves immigrants from throughout the globe.

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