TMF Integrates Cutting Edge Technology into New Website for Houston Estate Planning Attorney


Attorney Jana McCreary began her practice in Jacksonville, Florida. She then opened an office in Houston, Texas. McCreary Law Office now serves clients in both locations.

Jana became an attorney after working for more than a decade with adults and children having intellectual disabilities and mental illness. On account of that background, her law practice naturally focuses on estate planning and elder law. Jana’s goals include providing highly personalized services and making everything as easy and comfortable as possible for clients.

Besides being a great listener who encourages her clients to talk in detail about their concerns, she goes to great lengths to provide all the information a client needs to make decisions. That all actually comes quite naturally to Jana — she taught law for eight years in Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. She also earned her undergraduate degree in psychology, which no doubt plays a role in her ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with her clients.

The Website

“Planning and Protection for Every Generation”

When Jana decided to update her existing site to include her new Texas office, she wanted to integrate state-of-the-art technology capabilities in furtherance of her goal to make things easy for clients. That’s what makes her new website design cutting edge. Our team worked closely with her to fully implement her wishes.

Jana’s foresight resulted in a new website chock full of online features — which are especially helpful during the current Covid-19 concerns and will continue to serve her well when the pandemic subsides. These remote services are especially appealing for elder clients with mobility issues and in handling estates that involve out-of-state relatives. Clients love the convenience of taking care of their legal needs without leaving home.

The site has a full page devoted to online services. Clients communicate through a client portal. They can complete forms, schedule calls and virtual meetings with Jana, communicate about and share documents securely, and conveniently pay their bills. Of course, Jana continues to work with traditional paper and pen and in-person meetings when clients prefer conventional contact to conducting business online.

The full website may be viewed here:

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio.

McCreary Law Office serves clients from offices in Houston, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida.

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