Hayward, CA Lawyer Tweets, Blogs and Launches New Website!


It used to be that a good many of The Modern Firm's website design clients were calling us about developing their firm's first website. And they certainly didn't have firm Facebook accounts. In many cases, they hadn't ever even heard of crazy notions like "tweeting."

Now, of course, for better or worse we all know what Twitter is, love it or hate it. Some of our clients still eschew social media, however, and a good many still feel that maintaining a law firm website is a mere necessity, rather than an exciting opportunity for engagement with potential clients. We absolutely understand these folks' perspectives, and always work to make the website development process as painless as possible for them.

That said, more and more of the attorneys our website design team works with are from a new generation. In fact, quite often, these lawyers were savvy enough to inaugurate their online presences themselves back when they hung out their shingles. Often they come to The Modern Firm only after their practices have grown enough that they are either ready for a level of online marketing and SEO beyond DIY, or, engaged enough with practice that they know it's time to delegate website development and maintenance.

It's fair to say that Hayward, California attorney Tiega-Noel Varlack is of the new breed! Already no stranger to the Internet, Tiega came to us with a full sense of what a new, custom-designed website could do for her practice.

We really enjoyed learning about Tiega's vision for her firm's new website, which she plans to develop over time with a growing library of resources for her clients and community. And the new site, customized from TMF layout concept #112, will become a hub for her online activities. She plans to develop a blog, remain active on Twitter, and continue to create informational videos for the public. Each page of the site is integrated with her Twitter feed. And the entire site remains flexible to allow for nearly unlimited addition of resources.

Carry on, Tiega!

The full website may be viewed here: www.varlacklegal.com.

Or see the design in our law firm website design portfolio

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